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EmpireX — SCAM Alert

EmpireX is a company proposing to trade for you and to earn up to 1% daily. Rules are well known for all these trading companies: You create an account, deposit some crypto, buy a bot and … let’s go getting scammed (some are not scams but most of them are, this is why I try to hunt the good ones)! To make it short, they have done their scam exit few days ago…

What can we learn from this?

Can we withdraw?

In this case, EmpireX was promising withdrawals only 4 times per month: every monday. To be honest, I found this weird. Withdrawals are often something to look at (the first thing to do is to test withdrawals before investing more, I’ve made the mistake with ZetBull, don’t do it). Sometimes withdrawals are disabled due to maintenance or problems. These kind of problems are real. As a developper I can promise you, these bugs do happen from time to time but when they are criticals, they become top priorities and shouldn’t take more than a week to be solved. If withdrawals are disabled for too long, this is a very bad sign.

Are informations true?

Since the beginning they claimed false information about their companies and their leaders: Multiple companies with various related names, multiple profiles with similar names but wrong spelling, etc… Everything is made to stop looking further and fall into the trap. They even claimed to be registered or authorized by many financial regulators. The reality is that they’re not.

Some companies are hidding informations about their team due to the risk they can encounter and this is totally legit. Imagine being followed, spammed or threaten because you are working with millions every days. Yeah, people can do it because you’re looking bad at them, so they can do it if you’re making money, or losing trades.

Missing informations can be a problem, but I think that false informations are even more dangerous.

About EmpireX: everything is fake about them. It‘s a classic scam scheme: fake or inexistant informations, big promises, withdrawal problems, no trade visibility. They’re not paying anymore since many months and they have made a scam exit few days ago.

Are trades visibles?

If a program / company is trading, you should be able to look at trades. Because trading is unpredictable, no one can guarantee 1% per day from nowhere. And if the company is really trading, then you should have access to the results (via MT4 for example). If you can’t, then just run away, you’ll find less risky programs later.

About EmpireX, the trade where not visible.

And now?

Their website is still up, so I don’t want you to believe the project is alive. It’s a SCAM, that’s it. Keep your money away from it!

As I try to find good, safe and secure HYIPs, earning at least 10% per month for myself, I try to share these informations with you. Most of the programs are scams but with some investigations and tests, it’s possible to find good programs. I’m making a website where I try to put everything about programs that I test, programs that I think are okay and scams to avoid at all cost:
https://www.10percentminimum.com/ (still in the making)
Because we only use affiliate links of programs in which we have faith, you’ll never find affiliate links on scams. We truly don’t want anyone to lose money on scammers…

The More You Know, The More You Earn





TenPercentMinimum publication aims to regroup informations about HYIPs, Trading Bots and Scams to help investors to minimize their losses and maximize their benefits  — https://www.10percentminimum.com/ — https://discord.gg/UeTZxVPyEF

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Entrepreneur, Developer & Investor. I hunt HYIP and trading bots out of scams for others and myself. A website to share it all soon https://10percentminimum.com

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