An Idea Competition and You’re Invited.

Bring your unique and exciting ideas.

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A few weeks ago we announced the Startup Idea Competition. Today, we’re opening the doors with the release of our rules and submission instructions.


  1. You have 6 slides to describe your idea.
  2. Edit the following 6 slides however you’d like, but you only get 6.
  3. Enter as many ideas as you’d like, but 1 deck per idea.
  4. Entries but be submitted via link on Slide 9, by May 31st 2018


Midnight on May 31st 2018

The Judges

Because of the diversity we expect from an idea competition, we’ve assembled a diverse lineup of judges. From the largest startup editorial in the south east to founders of the America’s first 3D printed home, our judges for the first Startup Idea Competition are as unique as the ideas we hope to see.

Adam Walker of Sideways8 & 48 in 48

Charlton Cunningham of Startup Atlanta

Holly Beilin of Hypepotamus

Jim Woodard of Tenrocket

Martin Parets of Army of Bees

Matthew Marshall of New Story

Sanjay Parekh of Prototype Prime & Tech Talk Y’all

Shantel Khleif of Imagine Media

Titania Jordan of Bark

Trish Whitlock of Your Ideas Are Terrible

Usman Shahid of Startup Development Institute

The Reference Slides

What are you waiting for? It’s time to begin.