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The first building block of building great software

The creation of a clear, compelling, and detailed sitemap requires experience and expertise. Though regularly skipped or overlooked, it casts the clearest sense of vision for the product and sets appropriate expectations. Much like a ship’s rudder or a building’s blueprint, an effective sitemap wields most of the power within a project.

Our sitemap contains seven key deliverables.

Initial Sitemap from tenrocket.com

Each of these deliverables come together to form the Sitemap. The nimbleness and flexibility of a sitemap allows for quick, commitment free changes. It’s the most cost effective time to amend the plan. While neither design or development has been performed yet, the Sitemap sets the tone for everything else.

The discipline of creating a thoughtful Sitemap will often produce a list of important questions. It’s crucial for a team to work through the questions with careful consideration as they usually have far reaching implications in the next phase.

Once the sitemap is complete, the team can progress to User Experience (UX), User Interface Design (UI), and eventually development. The remaining areas are often more exciting and visually appealing but make no mistake, the many decisions stem from the Sitemap.

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