Don’t Miss TensorFlow Day at OSCON

TensorFlow is hitting the Pacific North West this July — come and join us at TensorFlow Day, part of the O’Reilly Open Source Convention. We’re hosting a full day of talks, collaborative development, and demos on July 17, Portland, OR, USA.

If you’re already going to OSCON, you’re all set to attend. If not, we made it very affordable for you to come! Register here and click on “Expo plus pass”.

What’s Going On?

A day of talks, including speakers from Google, IBM, and the wider community, showcasing open source machine learning with TensorFlow — from the data center to the browser and cellphone. Alongside that, a hacking room, where you can check out tables with demos, tutorials and a chance to start contributing to machine learning projects.

Talks include:

  • The State of TensorFlow: hear direct from Google on where the project is going
  • Fairness in Machine Learning: an introduction to this vital concept for using ML in practice
  • TensorFlow Farm to Table: go deep into how we build and manage the TensorFlow, and how it affects you

In the hacking room, you can get involved in a variety of activities, including:

  • R & TensorFlow: learn how to combine your R skills with deep learning
  • TensorFlow.js: get hands-on with the new browser-based ML toolkit
  • Identifying Pokemon with Google Vision AI Kit: mix hardware, ML and Pokemon!

Check out the schedule for full details.

There’s still time to propose a hacking table, details of how to do this are in the schedule.

Why Are You Doing This?

TensorFlow has a great community, and we wanted to jump at the chance to mingle both TensorFlow team at Google and practitioners from around the community. Additionally, we want this to be a day where you can have an in-depth conversation about TensorFlow and its direction, and get involved in an area of the project that interests you.

Open source is incredibly important to the machine learning community, yet there’s relatively little crossover between ML and mainstream open source, so we’re also hopeful that being present at the Open Source Convention helps build those bridges.

We’re grateful for the resources of Google and IBM working together in bringing this event to life!