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Amazon Healthlake and TensorIoT — Making Healthcare Better Together

By Puneet Suri, GM of Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at TensorIoT And Nicholas Burden, Senior Technical Evangelist at TensorIoT

The healthcare and life science industry is undergoing a significant transformation due to the power of the cloud and new innovations in the utilization of data. Every day, healthcare organizations collect massive amounts of data, which is collected in a huge range of formats, highly distributed across multiple silos, and typically unstructured. A single patient’s data can be spread across clinical notes, handwritten prescriptions, lab reports, X-rays and more. To gain the best insight into patient health and find value from all that data, companies have to aggregate, structure, and normalize the data by tagging and indexing in chronological order… and then build their own machine learning and analytics models and supporting applications and visualizations to derive insights!

Thankfully, there’s a better way. With Amazon HealthLake and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner TensorIoT, healthcare and life science organizations have a powerful tool to store, transform, and query health data in the cloud using machine learning for a complete picture of the patient and population health. Amazon HealthLake uses highly accurate machine learning to automate the extraction and transformation of unstructured health data, structuring it into the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) industry standard format to enable data sharing throughout the organization, giving the pathway for expert partners like TensorIoT to help healthcare companies perform advanced analytics for deeper insight.

With Amazon Healthlake, your organization can rapidly and easily ingest health data to create a health data store that is secure, compliant, and efficient to audit, meaning that patients’ sensitive health data is protected. And if the data is in a complex form, the integrated medical natural language processing (NLP) transforms all raw medical text data into the Data Store to support queries and data search functionality. Then TensorIoT can build, train and deploy predictive analytics using advanced machine learning models and tools to give your company the power of unlocked data.

There are a wide range of use cases for Amazon Healthlake, including:

  • Improving The Customer Journey — Enable streamlined customer onboarding, member onboarding, contact center automation, efficient member enrollment
  • Enhancing Clinical Care Operations — Managing care journey, care coordination, biomedical asset management
  • Simplifying Governance, Risk, and Compliance — Track & manage compliance requirements
  • Effortless Clinician Management — Streamline clinical onboarding and tracking resident clinical rotations

Insurance companies can make more accurate models to provide data-driven decision making that most effectively helps cover patients with accurate insurance premiums as well as gaining a holistic view of the patient’s medical history for effective claim management. Healthcare providers can improve care quality, manage population health, gain improved support for clinical decisions, and improve efficiency and reduce hospital waste through scheduling optimization and a reduction in unnecessary procedures caused by misinformation. And pharmaceutical companies can improve their data-driven research and development with the use of predictive analytics, as well as enhancing pharmacovigilance to protect patients and the company.

As an Amazon HealthLake launch partner, TensorIoT is here to work with the Amazon HealthLake team and customers to build HealthLake Connectors, build ML models and create visualizations and applications to help customers to get insights and the true value of healthcare data. Our advanced partnership with AWS, complemented by our domain knowledge of the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries, along with operational delivery capabilities make TensorIoT an ideal partner for HealthLake.

Whatever area of the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry your business focuses on, TensorIoT has deep domain expertise in HCLS and technical expertise in Machine learning & AI, providing Enhanced Forecasting with ML Implementation and IoT management for Medical devices. We’ve already helped partners enhance Contact Center Intelligence, incorporate Intelligent Document Processing and Enterprise Searches, and delivered a comprehensive operational view using data visualizations and asset monitoring with anomaly detection.

Learn how TensorIoT and Amazon HealthLake can help your Healthcare and Life Sciences organization make major business improvements by contacting us today at tensoriot.com



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