10 years of IXD

Photo documentary of my first company

IXD — a design and development agency in business from 2005 to 2015.

My personal IXD journey — The early beginning.

2004 — designing the (UX and graphic design, HTML, CSS) booking for Norwegian Airlines. Home office.

Designing and developing the frontend for the Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA booking engine.

Works in progress — wall at the office
Early screens
New space at Arbins Gate 4, Oslo. 24th of October 2007
Probably one of the first Google Mini servers in Norway. 24th of October 2006
Our first Pinball — Star Wars from Data East — 16th of September 2006
Working with Questback, 10th of September 2006
Apotek 1 new homepage. Tested at the pharmacy. — 15th of July 2006
Office in Arbeins gate 4, Oslo. New computer in the works.

Design of the new Storebrand insurance page.

Over 150 icons was developed for Storebrand

IXD attending the Web Builder 2.0 conference in Las Vegas. Mandalay Bay Resort. 2. December, 2007

Co-creating Webdagene 07 with Netlife

Updated pinball collection — 2. November 2007

Design and UX — booking engine for fjordline.

1st of september 2008

From the Norwegian financial newspaper Finansavisen. 3. april 2008.

Wire-framing NetCom. 5th of March 2008.

Expanding our office

IXD co-created Webdagene 08 with Netlife

IXD one of the sponsors of YGGDRASIL 08–15 October 2008

Rafting at Sjoa

At the office

Teodor Bjerrang
Friday beer! 2008

Our very own “IXDMAN” (PACMAN) — 20. juni 2008.

Retro PacMan created by Øyvind. Running on a original low resolution screen and arcade body.
Our prosess

New office in Kirkegata in progress.

The new office is ready.

Award — Best Search Strategy 2009 Apotek 1 (Apotek 1 & IXD)

Working on payment project for PAYEX — 3rd of December 2009
Håkon Wium Lie presenting at one of our events. 24th of November 2009 — cmsdagene
Steve Wozniak — 4th of November 2009

IXD summer party 26 June 2009

Co-created Webdagene 09 with Netlife

More from the office

Presenting “I Nansens digitale fotspor” at the event “8 MINUTES”.

Børge Ousland — 23. October 2010
DN — Etterbørs 24. september 2010

UX Lx — User Experience Lisbon — 12–14 May 2010

CMSdagene 2010

Gulltaggen 2010

Gulltaggen 2010–28th of April — Guy Kawasaki and Richard Branson

Gulltaggen After Dark Party at the IXD office. 24th of April 2010

Our new IXD office in Kirkegata, Oslo, Norway.

Frontend 2010 version of the IXD MAN
First iPad in the house — 15th of April 2010
CMS dagene 2010
Teodor Bjerrang — Gulltaggen 2010 awards. Handing out the price for best e-commerce site.
Xmas at the office 2010

Børge Ousland at the South Pole with the IXD flag.

Børge Ousland and the IXD flag on the Southpole — 15th of desember 2011
Børge Ousland at the North Pole
IXD — Rosing — for NKI — 22th of November 2011
Photoshoot for NKI
View from the office

IXD sponsor of Gulltaggen

IXD created a 2 day design and developer conference FRONTEND in 2010 and 2011.

The FRONTEND 2011 website was featured as Site of the day at AWWWARDS and was published in their book.

The Brain behind the website was Hjörtur Scheving

Attending FailCon 23rd of October 2012 in San Fransisco.

Eric Ries and Gina Bianchini
Right: Branden Kowitz
Participating in the TINC program at Innovation House in Palo Alto
Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft Corporation) and Reid Hoffman (Partner, Greylock; Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, LinkedIn) at Churchill Club. Read the dialog here.
My office space at RocketSpace i San Fransisco (181 Fremont Street) October/november 2012.
Saratoga. The Mountain Winery also known for their outdoor concerts. On the top you also find Ridge Vineyards Known to be part of the “Judgment of Paris“. You can find them in the movie “Bottle Shock” with Chris Pine.
The Odwalla of the day
Steve decided that sodas weren’t very healthy, and had the refrigerator stocked with expensive Odwalla fruit juices, delivered fresh every day, as well as an assortment of other beverages. (folklore.org)
Huge line outside the Apple store in Palo Alto for the iPad mini release.
Downtown Mountain View Station early in the morning — Caltrain. You also find the HQ of Google (Googleplex) and my favourite museum Computer History Museum in Montain View.
Normal day at the office (Innovation House, Palo Alto)

IXD was one of the sponsors of Gulltaggen 2012

Left: Sir Tim Berners-Lee — right: Spotify
Clay Shirky

Visiting Innovation House in Palo Alto, Google and Intuit — 21 April 2012

Beanbag Chairs became icons of counter-culture comfort. PARC´s Computer Science Laboratory used them to furnish the room where CSL held its legendary “Dealer” sessions- the weekly meeting of researchers.


WEB SUMMIT 2013 in Dublin

Elon Musk and Enda Kenny at WEB SUMMIT 2013
IXD office 25th of May 2013

Attending 99u in New York — 2nd and 3rd of May 2013

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration
-Thomas Edison

The End Kirkegata

Testlab :-)

Attending the Collision event in Las Vegas.

I was an advisor for the company Syncano that was selected to present at the event.

Syncano was selected among 150 of the “most promising” startups in the world — from a pool of thousands of applicants!
May 2014 — Collide Las Vegas

More photos from Collision on Flickr

Testing Google slef-driving car — 15th of December 2014
New website for IXD

Attending WEB SUMMIT 2014 in Dublin


Attending Visuelt by Grafill

Visuelt 2015 — Right: Annie Atkins, The Secret World of Graphic Design for Filmmaking

Syncano Artic Explorers at Svalbard

New York

Taking part in the program “Entrepreneurial Marketing” in New York, a two week program put in place by Innovation Norway.

Thanks to Ola, Hege, Tony and the rest of Innovation Norway Office in New York.
Love what you do or do something else!

After spending more and more time looking into the startup landscape out of Oslo, Norway, I moved on doing more Angel investments and decided to close down IXD in 2015.

The amazing people that made IXD what it was. 
Ida, Thomas, Christian, Hjörtur, Anders, Daniel, Eric, Jenny, Lars Kristian, Eric, Steinar, Kåre, Magnus, Øyvind, Kristel, Karl Philip, Christina, Kristian, Mari, Cecilie, Erik, Ørjan, Ravn, Jose, Ole, Isabelle and Roger.

IXD worked for many of the biggest brands in Norway.
Apotek 1, TV 2, Color Line, Storebrand, BI, Canal Digital, Telenor, Confex, Coop, Dyreparken, Fjordline, Hurtigruten, Lilleborg, Lindorff, Nemi, NKI, Payex, Plan Norge, QT, Questback, Sparebank 1, Sport 1, Sprell, Super Office, Apokus, Bring, Jotun, Cappelen, NetCom and many more.

My personal IXD journey