Design and developer conference created by IXD back in 2010 and 2011

Photo documentary from the International design and developer conference FRONTEND 2010 and 2011 (Oslo, Norway).

FROST — Aggie and Per — Started the Frontend 2010 with a bang!


The Brain behind the website was Hjörtur Scheving
FRONTEND is a truly exceptional conference. They really know how to look after their attendees and have an amazing lineup of speakers. Its so good to see a world class conference like this happening outside of the US and UK. I cannot wait to see the conference receive the international recognition it deserves. — Paul Boag / H E A D S C A P E
Teodor working on the program for FRONTEND 2011
Frontend promovideo
From the Norwegian paper Computerworld — 10th of September 2010
FRONTEND 2010 was a world-class conference. Impeccably organized, engaged and experienced speakers, incredible location, and well-rounded subject matter. I’d highly recommend the conference to anyone who is interested in building great web applications.” — Daniel Burka / Tiny Speck — Former Creative Director

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Daniel Burka — Kwame Nyanning
Andy Budd
Matthew Smith
Nick La
Christian Heilmann
FRONTEND2010 was one of the best conference experiences I’ve had — the speakers were fantastic, the venue was perfect, and from now on I’ll expect *every* conference to have a mobile espresso cart — Dan Rubin

Frontend Meet-up 8th of September 2011 at the IXD office

Frontend was put together by all the amazing people working at IXD at the time.

Words from some of the speakers and attendees.

Attendee feedback from FRONDEND

Did you attend any of the Frontend events?