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ADF to -> 3.5″

Nothing beats playing a game like on the original Amiga computer!

Unfortunately, after 25 years your floppies may not work. So here is my quick guide back to heaven.

I installed an IDE adapter / CF card on my A4000. You can get a similar one at or via ebay.

I can now transfer all the ADF files (Amiga Disk File) from my Mac over to my Amiga (via the CF card) and then write them back on to a new 3.5” floppy using TrackSaver.

wohoo.. I can now play R-Type II again.

3.5″ to -> ADF

Armiga Project

I use it to dump all my old Amiga floppies over to the SD card. Connected via the network I can access the Armiga directly from ftp. The emulator also work perfectly with HDMI output.

Most of the software/games ever released on the Amiga/C64 you can find online.

Amiga Forum

The Magazine was created by Øyvind Skogvoll (In Norwegian). Xmas every time a new magazine came out.

Check out this link for downloading all the magazines in PDF. Total of 15 issues was made. 1992–1994

Memorable programs and games


my old floppies

The demo scene

Back in the late 80s and early 90s I was part of demo groups Alcatraz, EOC 1999 and Banana Dezign

Amega Part 1991


The Amega Party 1991 was held at a school in Porsgrunn, Norway by Cryptoburners, Fairlight, Dexion and Violence for the Amiga scene. Among the organizers were Aggressor/Cryptoburners. Often referred to as the ‘Porsgrunn Party’. About 800–900 people attended.

The Gathering 1993


The Gathering 1993 was held at Skedsmohallen in Lillestrøm, just outside Oslo, Norway by Crusaders, Deadline and Exile. Nightshade of Crusaders was the main announcer.

Combase 1993


Went home with several of the competition prizes. (demo, music and gfx from Banana Dezign.)

The Gathering 1994


The Gathering 1994 was held at Rykkinnhallen in Rykkinn, Norway. This was the 3rd The Gathering party, and the 1st and only time at this location. This was also the first year that AGA graphics were allowed in the Amiga demo and graphics competitions, and it was also the first year that an official pc demo competition was held. Modules were still 4-channel only. Ex-Crusaders musician Bjørn “Dr.Awesome” Lynne took the opportunity to host a release party at TG for his new cd Montage.



The “Blue Box” was also used to call BBSs around the world. (via a 2400 bps Hayes or US Robotics at that time.)

After Telenor’s network was fully digitized in 1997 (the replacement started in 1986) this type of “Blue Boxing” was history.

Many years earlier, Blue Boxes became known first through an article in the magazine Esquire written by John T Draper (AKA Captain Crunch). Somewhat more familiar may be the story of Steve WOZniak and Steve Jobs before they started Apple together.

“If it hadn’t been for the Blue Boxes, there would have been no Apple. I’m 100% sure of that. Woz and I learned how to work together, and we gained the confidence that we could solve technical problems and actually put something into production.” — Steve Jobs

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

After reading the book 10 PRINT by Nick Montfort I had to test it on my old C64.

Example of the code in its simplest form

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

You can download the book from

Photo: Teodor Bjerrang

C64 Quick Guide

Dusting the old C64, I sat down in front of my Commodore 1901 monitor, turned on the machine, inserted a floppy into the 1541 and ..aaaa what was the commands again.

After 30 years it’s good to have some instructions written down, so here is a small “BASIC TUNE UP” guide of the simplest commands.

How to load from a floppy


Your disk drive is usually by default 8

LOAD "*",8,1 [RETURN]



The use of “*” will load the first file on the floppy.

Listing directories

Hvis det er flere program/spill på disketten, bruk denne kommandoen for å få oversikt.




Fresh start

LOAD "filename",8,1 [RETURN]


LOAD "filename",8 [RETURN]

How to load from your tape

Rewind your tape.




The first program on your tape will load.

How to change from C128 to C64 mode

Hold the “Commodore logo” key while you turn on the computer, or you could simply type.




More to go at Commodore DOS

Deluxe Paint

I started my design work back in 1987 on an Amiga 500 (1.2) and Deluxe Paint II.

Some of my pixel design from the 80s and 90s

Visiting Electronic Arts in Palo Alto

Electronic Arts Commodore museum at their office.