Rock Mot Rus

Photo documentary from the early 90s RMR — Andøya, Norway.

a-ha — RMR 1994 (Andenes, Andøya, Norway)

Work in progress……

Started in 1983, Rock Mot Rus is the oldest rock festival in Norway and still kicking.

Some of the artist who visited RMR in the early 90s

Morten Harket (93), a-ha (94), The September When (92,95), Weld (95) DeLillos (91), Di Derre, Flava To Da Bone (95), Alex Rosèn, GO-GO Gorilla (92), Pogo Pops (93) and Return (93).

You will also find many known artist that had some of their first performances at RMR Sivert Høyem and Robert Burås from Madrugada, Pål “Moddi” Knutsen, Kråkesølv, Violet Road and Tungtvann to mention a few.

The RMR Video Team

We started out in 1991 with 3 home video 8 cameras, an Amiga 500 with a Genlock and recorded using a home VHS recorder, ending up with a 7 camera live production in 1995. Borrowed hi-end Panasonic F15 cameras from the local “distance learning” center and recorded in S-VHS.

RMR Video Team 1993
Teodor adjusting the CRT projector for the big screen.
RMR Video Team 1994
Bjarte Ytre-Arne teaching us about film (1994).

1994 — a-ha

In 1994 Morten Harket came back to Andøya bringing the rest of the a-ha members, Magne Furuholmen, Paul Waaktor Savoy and band (Sigurd Køhn, Jørun Bøgeberg and Per Hillestad).

Morten Harket — Magne Furuholmen
All a-ha photos by Hans Albert Bjerrang
Photo: Hans Albert Bjerrang (1994)
Old VHS from RMR 1994 and 1995
RMR VHS Promo form 1994
Signed Sverre Kjelsberg as head of the jury in 1991.
Gloomy Amsterdam 1995 (Frode Stave) Photo: Hans Albert Bjerrang
Morten Abel (Photo: Hans Albert Bjerrang)
Flava To Da Bone (Photo: Hans Albert Bjerrang)
Weld — Photo: Hans Albert Bjerrang

CD cover for the two winners of RMR 1995

Photos by Hans Albert Bjerrang — Design by Teodor Bjerrang — 1995

UK Focus at Bleik/Andøya

Original logo for “Focus”, the youth club at Bleik/Andøya (1992) and the inspiration for the wall art.
Using a combination of paint and spray cans we created the wall art at Focus. (20th november 1992)

After 2000

For the last 10 years and more my father Ola Albert Bjerrang has been an active Rock Photographer at the RMR events. Here are some of his photos.

2018 — Willy Oftedals Ærespris (Photo: Ola Albert Bjerrang)
2017 — Photos by Ola Albert Bjerrang
Die A Legend (2012)
Satyricon (2012)
Violet Road (2012)
Frank Carter (2018)
In memory of Hans Albert Bjerrang (1974–2006) and Willy Oftedal (1957–2010)