Silicon Valley Comic Con

Photo documentary from the first three years of Steve Wozniak’s Comic Con in San Jose.

Obi “Woz” Kenobi at Silicon Valley Comic Con — Photo: Teodor Bjerrang
“When I was growing up, it was hard to be a geek. It definitely wasn’t cool, and that wasn’t easy. I’m happy things have changed because now people are able to be proud of being geeks and being different. Silicon Valley Comic Con will be an event where fans of all kinds can celebrate the Age of the Geek.”
- Steve Wozniak, Friday, April 17, 2015
Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs — 1976

Steve Wozniak has earlier credited Star Trek and Star Trek conventions as a source of inspiration for starting Apple.

Photos from the first three SVCC events (2016-2018)

All photos taken by Teodor Bjerrang


Some of the highlights — Mads Mikkelsen, Christina Ricci, Martha Higareda, Krysten Ritter, Katee Sackhoff, Nichelle Nichols, Ray Park, Adam Savage, Jewel Staite, David Tennant, Dr. Mae Jemison, Dr. Michio Kaku and Andy Weir

Krysten Ritter

Jessica Jones, and as Jane in the hit AMC show Breaking Bad.

Photos: Teodor Bjerrang

David Tennant

Doctor Who and Jessica Jones

Jewel Staite

From Firefly, Serenity and Stargate Atlantis.

Martha Higareda

Best known as Kristin Ortega in the Netflix series ALTERED CARBON, and as Viviana Torres in Royal Pains.

Martha Higareda: Photo: Teodor Bjerrang

Star Wars

A Star Wars panel featured Mads Mikkelsen (Galen Erso), Ray Park (Darth Maul), Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett), Daniel Logan (young Boba Fett) and moderated by Gary Whitta (co-writer, ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story).

Gary and Mads inducted into the Rebel Legion. Photo: Teodor Bjerrang
Gary using my photo on his Instagram

Temuera Morrison and Daniel Logan — The Fetts

Daniel Logan, best known for his portrayal of young Boba Fett in “Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones” and Temuera Morrison, best known for his role as the bounty hunter Jango Fett in Star Wars: Episode II — “Attack of the Clones”

Ray Park

Best known as Darth Maul from “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace”

Mads Mikkelsen

Best known as for his roles as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in TV series Hannibal, villain Kaecilius in Marvel’s Doctor Strange, & Galen Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Photo: Teodor Bjerrang

Dr. Michio Kaku

He is an internationally recognized authority in two key areas. The first is Einstein’s unified field theory, which Dr. Kaku is attempting to complete. The other is to predict trends affecting business, medicine, finance, and our way of life, based on the latest research in science.

Dr. Mae Jemison

1st woman of color in space, now paving the way for human interstellar travel.

Dr. Mae C. Jemison broke more than the sound barrier in 1992 when she climbed aboard the space shuttle Endeavour and became the first woman of color to travel into space. She was also NASA’s first Science Mission Specialist performing experiments in material science, life science and human adaptation to weightlessness.

I believe pursuing an extraordinary tomorrow creates a better world today. — Dr. Mae

Nichelle Nichols

When Nichelle was cast by Gene Roddenberry to create Chief Communications Officer Lt. Uhura, fourth in command of the Starship Enterprise, in his legendary TV series Star Trek — in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King — “The first non-stereotypical role portrayed by a black woman in television history.” It was Dr. King who convinced Nichelle to stay on Star Trek when she got an offer to come sing on Broadway, calling her role a vital role model for minorities across America and around the world.

Using her Star Trek fame to bring good back to the world, Nichelle, at the behest of NASA, led a national campaign to recruit the first women and minorities into the space program. Many of her new recruits were women or members of racial and ethnic minorities, including Guion Bluford (the first African-American astronaut), Sally Ride (the first female American astronaut), and Mae Jamison (the first female African-American astronaut).

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci

Best known for her role as Wednesday Addams in “The Addams Family”

Katee Sackhoff

Best known for playing Lieutenant Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on the Sci Fi Channel’s television program Battlestar Galactica.

Adam Savage

Known as host of “MythBusters” and


Woz posted some of my photos on his own personal webpage

Billy Boyd

Pippin from Lord of the Rings trilogy

Billy Boyd
William Shatner looking pretty sceptical to Steve Wozniaks transcending story

30 years of Star Trek

30 years of Star Trek

Buzz Aldrin is an American engineer, former astronaut, and Command Pilot in the United States Air Force. As Lunar Module Pilot on the Apollo 11 mission, he and mission commander Neil Armstrong were the first two humans to land on the Moon. Aldrin set foot on the Moon at 03:15:16 on July 21, 1969 (UTC), 9 minutes after Armstrong first touched the surface. One of his first missions was on Gemini 12 where he successfully proved that extravehicular activity (EVA) could be performed by astronauts, spending over 5 hours outside the craft, thus achieving the goals of the Gemini program and paving the way for the Apollo program. (Wikipedia)

Get Your Ass To Mars — Buzz Aldrin

The Flash

Grant Gustin, as Barry Allen, Star of CW’s “The Flash” TV Series and Tom Felton (Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy and Julian Dorn / Doctor Alchemy on CW’s “The Flash”)

Simone Giertz — Creator of shitty robots for YouTube audiences and the newest member of Adam Savage’s TESTED team.


Andy Weir and Brian Day thinking. ……Mars….. Mapping… Mars….

Gina Torres

Zoe from Firefly & Serenity, Jessica Pearson from Suits, Lauren from Westworld and Many More

Gina Torres

John Cusack

Known for “Being John Malkovich”, “High Fidelity” and “Sixteen Candles.”


Teodor Bjerrang and Steve Wozniak — 30. April 2017 at the Silicon Valley Comic Con in San Jose

2016 — the first con

18–20 March

Who is the Real Woz?

William Shatner

From Star Trek’s Captain Kirk to Boston Legal’s Denny Krane.

William Shatner — Photo: Teodor Bjerrang

Jeremy Renner

Known for The Avengers, Mission Impossible, Arrival and Wind River.

Back to the Future

Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly)

Thanks Christopher Lloyd for the photo — Please go and support TEAMFOX — For parkinson’s research

Christopher Lloyd and Teodor Bjerrang

The amazing Stan Lee


Photo: Teodor Bjerrang
Woz, Stan and Stan Lee’s daughter Joan Celia Lee

Con Man

Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk and PJ Haarsma — Check out CON MAN the series!

Alan Tudyk — Photo: Teodor Bjerrang
Alan Tudyk
PJ Haarsm and Nathan Fillion




Photos used

My photos have been used as official SVCC press photos along with several news outlets covering the event.


Got to know Silicon Valley Comic Con over dinner with Steve Wozniak and Nolan Bushnell in Oslo, January 2016, Woz mentioned that he was planning his own Comic Con that year (2016) — The Silicon Valley Comic Con located in San Jose, something new, something different than other Comic Cons, a combination of pop culture and science. For me growing up with Star Wars, Star Trek, Blade Runner, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Dune, The Last Starfighter, WarGames, ET and TRON, to mention a few. Those movies has been a part of inspiring me to do what I do, so I ended up visiting my very first Comic Con that year :-) Thanks Woz!

Steve Wozniak, Nolan Bushnell and Teodor Bjerrang at Hard Rock Cafe in Oslo, Norway — 27th of January 2016

The opening of the very first Silicon Valley Comic Con in 2016

Photo: Teodor Bjerrang
Ending this post with some photos of myself from my golden geek years of the early 90s.
1993–94 (My geek room back in the days, (Bleik, Andøya, Norway)) and 1996 (attending Macromedia User Conference in San Fransisco (4–6 sep)
— Still a geek.