Following the principle of “I buy new equipment as women buy shoes,” I recently got two H200R round heads for Godox AD200. I plan to use them in my minimalist home studio and in a portable setup when I need to carry a minimum of equipment. It’s also a good opportunity to review them, with good points and not-so-good good points for these flash heads.

At home, I do mainly food photography, both for the blog and for microstock. I also take family pictures. …

In this story, I will show you how to control Godox flashes with an Elinchrom trigger, using a combination of an Elinchrom receiver and a Godox trigger.

I came up with this solution because I wanted to use my Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478DR-EL light meter, which incorporates a radio transmitter for Elinchrom flashes.

The problem is that I switched to Godox a few years ago. I now wanted to trigger the Godox flashes directly from the light meter, the same way I used to do with the old Elinchrom flashes.

Obviously, Elinchrom and Godox radio systems are totally different and…

Last week Shutterstock, one of the photo agencies where I sell my images, has announced that they will be updating the earnings structure for photographers. They claimed this change is made “to reflect changes in the market for creative content.”

Until now, the earnings structure was divided into four tiers, based on the photographer’s lifetime sales.

Today’s story is about converting Lightroom presets into Capture One styles. About two years ago, I gave up Lightroom in favor of capture one, which seems to be a better raw file processor. In particular, in Capture One can shoot more light and shadow without appearing a significant noise in the image. Also, color grading is better in Capture One. That’s after you get used to the interface, which is fundamentally different from Lightroom.

Also, regarding presets and styles, in general, I avoid them. It seems to me that I waste more time trying to find the most suitable preset…

Removing labels from different products to be photographed proves sometimes to be a major pain in the well-you-know. Sometimes hot water does the job, but some other times the labels don’t come off despite all the hard work, or they come off in little pieces, leaving a lot of glue residue. In particular, a great challenge is presented by those labels applied to bottles of (alcoholic) beverages in order to prove the payment of taxes.

One method of removing stubborn labels is using TESA Industry Cleaner spray — TESA 60040. This cleaner spray is based on limonene from natural sources…

Panasonic GX-1: my first mirrorless camera

Whenever I tell someone that I use almost exclusively my Olympus E-M1 MkII mirrorless camera, well, that certainly raises an eyebrow.

In a world where there is a fierce battle for more megapixels, and full-frame cameras are considered a must-have, my decision to use a device with such a small sensor seems a bit strange.

So here’s my (short) story about how I came to change the format and make the transition from DSRL to a mirrorless system

Until 2012 I’ve used almost exclusively Canon DSRLs. I had the EOS-D30, then an EOS 40D, and in 2012 I had an…

After upgrading to the Olympus E-M1 MK II a few months ago, I ran into a small issue: thumbnails for ORF files are not shown into Windows Explorer. And this is especially frustrating when shooting RAW only. Fortunately, there’s an easy and cheap way to fix this.

As discussed in this thread on, the problem is that Windows doesn’t offer an updated codec to support the latest.ORF files (older .ORF files generated by my E-M1 mark I are decoded, their thumbnails show fine).

By default, Windows doesn’t show thumbnails for ORF files

The solution is to use an external codec pack: the I paid 9.99 $ + tax…

Teodor Costachioiu Photography

Teodor Costachioiu Photography

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