Changes in my photo studio — February 2022

I continued the series of changes in my photo studio in February 2022.

I bought a small softbox from Lastolite and ordered some accessories for my Gopro. The latter are still on the way, so I’ll write extensively about them at the end of March.

I also got a car charger from Anker, with two USB-C ports. Now I can charge my camera, flash batteries and external battery while driving around.

I’ve continued to sell some of the stuff I no longer use:

  • Godox AD-B2 Twin Head Bracket for GODOX AD200 TTL
  • Elgato CamLink 4k capture card with 10m HDMi fiber optic cable
  • Godox FV200 200W video lamp with Bowens mount
  • Godox SA-P projector with Bowens SA-17 adapter and accessories
  • Zoom H6 audio recorder / interface + accessories

I was going to invest the money in the stock market, but I prefer to wait and keep some cash in case the situation in Ukraine deteriorates further.

All in all, a weak month in terms of sales and purchases. Nothing surprising here, usually in January and February things move a bit slower.

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Teodor Costăchioiu

Teodor Costăchioiu

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