Day One

This site is on I don’t know how many iterations. A long time ago I wrote on WordPress. I wrote for a while on Medium. I tried to put some articles behind the paywall in an attempt to make some money out of it too, but the results were modest.

Now I have moved to, with a theme that I like and gives me pretty much everything I want.

Besides, I’m trying to reduce my dependence on Facebook and Instagram. Lately Facebook has become a big mess, a true cancer of the Internet. I feel the need to move to a platform where I have more control and where what I write is not ephemeral.

What I will write about

Most of the blog will be dedicated to photography. I’ve been into photography since I was a kid; I think it was around 5th or 6th grade that I first got my hands on a camera. Nowadays photography is both a passion and a source of income — my images can be purchased from most stock photo agencies. I sold my first images on Dreamstime in 2004 and have become an ANC qualified photographer since 2017.

I plan to write all sorts of technical material, on equipment, photo studio set-up and the image editing work.

I want to write about the trips we take. Right now the travel part is a bit scarce given the coronavirus pandemic.

Why I write so rarely

My blog posts will be infrequent and at random intervals. I write infrequently because always, before I start an article, I think whether what I’m going to put on my computer screen will be useful to anyone. I don’t like to waste my time writing for the sake of writing.

I don’t pretend to be an influencer, I don’t like the idea of promoting all kinds of crap. If I’m going to review a product, I’m doing it because I’ve tested the product and it’s either so good it’s worth recommending, or it’s so bad I’ll write about it just so others don’t get ripped off.

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