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Teragon Launch

Hey Everyone!

Our first vault is now live on Avalanche and will be actively managed by SkyHopper and his team at Bastion Trading!

Teragon is built on three core principles: indexing top crypto tokens, algorithmic investing, and structured products. Bastion Trading will manage the vault with these in mind.

Bastion is a leading crypto trading firm focused on arbitrage, quantitative and volatility trading strategies. It boasts a trading team comprised of veterans from JPMorgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley, and Optiver. Funds are held in a 2/3 multisig with keys held by Teragon, SkyHopper, and Bastion Trading.

In practice the vault allocation will look like this:

  • Stablecoins (55–75% for this vault)
  • Yield farming, 10–30% in strong directional assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and
  • 10–20% in options and volatility strategies for yield enhancement.

The percentages are dynamic based on our algorithm, which has a built-in buy-low sell-high feature, along with Bastion’s analysis. Our backtesting results indicate outperforming holding all capital in Bitcoin during the bull market and significantly less downside during the recent market drawdown! Check here for a more in-depth look at how the algorithm works.

The vault and its total accumulated value will be visible in the index token price. This is displayed on the app as Net Asset Value (NAV). It accepts deposits in native AVAX, USDC, and USDT.

Withdraw functionality is not yet implemented, with a targeted release date of around one month. This vault is intended for early supporters that are not planning to withdraw quickly. Once this functionality is live, users will be able to queue withdrawals daily, which will be completed during NAV recalculation at approximately 10:00 UTC.

There is a 10% performance fee on profits quarterly and no management fee. No profits = no fees.

Access the vault here!

Read the docs for strategy specifics and background!

Join our Discord for support, community, and questions; we look forward to seeing you!



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Teragon creates novel strategies by marrying traditional investment literature with the world of DeFi