Teresa Finds a Bit of Brooklyn in Japan

As if yesterday wasn’t busy enough…

Day 2: I joined my hosts on a morning walk with Momo, Bryan and Hiro’s shiba inu. Tho she may not be my Lola https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/lolafinds/ it’s great to have doggie energy around.

and thank God for FaceTime!

If anyone wants to chat, my best hours are 7–10PM EST ;)

The morning walk with Momo and my hosts. We chat with this worker. I learn how and when to deal with trash and recycling.

Bryan had me come along to Ishikawa’s, the bamboo weaver’s, studio down in an abandoned parking garage. How Brooklyn! I was intrigued. A bit of Bushwick in Fujino.

Ishikawa’s weaving studio

I thought I’d just be watching but no, knife in hand, I started splitting bamboo in preparation for weaving “takehigo otsukuri”. I think of myself as being relatively intelligent. Watching how and understanding why the knife and the way the bamboo is held, the body posture and the direction the bamboo is bent all made sense UNTIL I attempted to do it. Note, you will have a fear of losing a finger so I forgot everything once I was wielding. Ishikawa shook his head and sort of grunted to himself. Fun, not fun.

we set up in this room with the cutest chairs ever. just my size and I love them. the shorter the better.
splitting the bamboo and making them thinner and thinner so they can eventually be used to weave with

Once the lesson was over, I wiped the sweat off my brow and the blood off my finger. Yes, blood was shed but from the bamboo, not the knife.

We went for pizza at Tohei’s in Fujino Art Village http://www.fujino-artvillage.com/booth/pizza.html. Don’t be surprised if you find me slinging pies here over the next month where I will be putting my well honed service industry skills to good use. Tohei offered me a job. Next on my check list, learning how to make brick oven pizza!

The two pics above are from last year’s trip, May 2016. Me with Tohei & Me pretending to work at Tohei’s. Throw it out in the universe and who knows what may happen!

Quick stop at the CSA for rakyu (not sure what they are in English but they’re very small onions, those bags on the counter with the ladies)

Dinner that night was prepared by my hosts. Bryan brought over books on bamboo baskets for inspiration (as if I didn’t find it all daunting enough already, I was ready to turn in my bamboo blade).

That concludes Day 2. I put all my rings in one basket, the one Ishikawa gave me that he made. I don’t think I’ll attempt to make one but grateful just for the lesson.

Could I be any luckier? In the end, is is really luck or what I’ve just imagined how life should be? Gradually exhaling into just being.