Teresa Meets Nature in Japan

Trying to sleep at night just sucks, between the jet lag and the damn nature sounds.

Whether I fall asleep at 10pm or 1am, I’ll wake up with the birds. It’s an outdoor aviary after hours rave party from 4am til 7am. Sometimes I fall back asleep, but mostly not. It’s been a dry Tsuyu (rainy season). I found that if it’s raining, they don’t party so much. Once the rainy season really kicks in, that’ll be the best thing tsuyu has to offer.

early morning birds

Aside from the birds, there are lots of other flying pests. This is how I go to sleep at night.

And right before the rain, there were these god awful enormous spotty looking crickets as big as golf balls. Bryan said they’re called toilet crickets. There were quite a few in the ofuro (bath). I opted to shower in the other bath.

I screamed out loud when we cleaned out the indigo vats and toilet crickets and centipedes were hiding underneath.

Damn nature.

I saw these beautiful wings in the house and approached with caution ready for them to flutter up into my face and get entangled in my hair. Relief. I’m glad it was dead.

Aside from insects, there are monkeys. There was an entire family outside my window when it was raining but ran off when I tried to take a photo. Believe me.

This creeper crossed my path a few days ago.

As odd as it sounds, nature here is pretty and clean. The landscape is manicured. You’ll have the cleanest hike here in Fujino.

I have to thank this farmer for cutting tea leaves so early the other morning. I slept past 4am. In my sleep I thought someone was mowing a lawn. And he drowned out those damn birds!

So, why is this city girl who cringes at nature here in the mountains of Kanagawa? There’s just something about this place, especially when I can sleep thru the night. Fingers crossed I wake up to machine sounds in the morning.

evening at the farmhouse