Data Selfies

Data Selfie is an feature which you are able to add onto your browser. It provides a quite indepth look on you activity on the social network Facebook. I found it quite interesting that the add on tells you information which can get you thinking, for example telling the user what pages you visit on the site most, and how long you spent looking at certain posts.

Data selfie can tell you a lot, but a feature that I would have liked to have seen is where it tells you the people who posts I like the most, including comments I make and profiles that I visit. Something like a leaderboard to show who’s profile im most interested in as I like it a lot.

Personally the results that I had received, does somewhat make sense, in terms of the post that I like and how long I spend on certain profiles. I think that this would be a really interesting feature for the add on and could possibly draw more people into downloading it. With the Data Selfie add on, the two identities, real life one and virtual one do somewhat relate, the results correspond with my real life identity.

Digitally my footprint over the internet is pop culture based, therefore I would have expected this add on to pick this information up. This is becasue most of the post I look at, like and people I follow is pop culture based. As a social network facebook is very good with remembering posts that I have liked, as after i may see more advertisements relating to them. Therefore, the Data Selfie add on could do with a bit more work it producing more accurate results.

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