Survey Reflection

For a task within one of my modules at University, I was asked to read up on Ginette Law’s article on how to create the most efective surveys. After having a read through it I found it was quite helpful in regards to what probing questions you should be asking. She explains the difference in open and closed questions and the pros and cons of each.

For the survey that I had to create I chose between using both open and closed questions. The survey was to find out a little bit more about what people new about filter bubbles. Therefore for I found that to get the best results to help me pick an idea for my project closed questions were best. Though I did just solely stick with closed questions I had a few open questions too. Some of the open questions that I had chosen was ‘do you notice a pattern with ads that you see on social media and the internet?’. Closed questions that I have included are ‘do you use social media?’ and ‘have you ever use dating apps?’. I believe these questions will aid me in honing down on an idea for this upcoming project.

At this present time, I have published the survey on the internet but haven’t sent it to anyone. This is becasuse I still need to think of an idea just in case I needed to tweak my questions. Additionally along with coming up with an idea I need to think about the target demographic I would like to aim this at. Then I’ll have the ability to sent the survey out to get some data in!

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