Couch Surfing While Not High

The THC is turning me into a… I don’t know what… maybe an antenna to catch Russian signals?

This guy did not get his ration of THC! (Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash)

Well, that was weird. I was on the couch crying like a grown man (which I am) when I looked out through the front window and I got mesmerized by the vista. It was reminiscent of the event in my earlier story about Couch Surfing While High.

At the time I was in significant mental suffering and I was paying attention to the pain. One thing Zen Masters sometimes ask is “who is suffering”. I don’t know so I can’t give you the answer, but I was observing the suffering coming and going and waving and jumping and strangling me.

Well, now this video came up on YouTube, it’s also rather trippy, but I’m not high right now:

But I’ve also enjoyed it while high. I definitely got a monster in my head that I ain’t fed.

And I just fell into the edible jar just now… har har har… after checking with my wife that I don’t need to be anywhere but here, writing.




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Terminal Impala

Pansexual man, divorcing(?), poly. I write about sex and things impacting LGBTQ+ people. I’m not a medical doctor, a sexologist, etc. Just a regular guy.

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