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Forward thinking and blockchain technology can fundamentally improve the facade of the fintech as we know it today. On the way to changing the fintech discourse, many exchanges are faced with cross-cutting issues that require solutions integrated across a large spectrum of different industries.

In the world where building an exchange goes beyond just building the exchange and the process demands an interlock of expertise in different spheres, working together is the most appropriate and effective way to build not just a product, but a company.

With the raised stakes and new-found stewardship of legislative body, investors and traders looks for a regulatory framework. With the raise of illegal actions, there is a strong demand for Anti-money laundering and Know Your Client policies.

We have received a lot of inquiries about our strategic partners on our social platforms. Beyond having them on our website, we would like to give you a condensed overview of the companies that we engage with to make a better product for you.

Phore Blockchain — Global platform and digital ecosystem

Phore Blockchain is a global platform and digital ecosystem built to facilitate decentralized commerce through its supporting blockchain network. The platform supports a variety of applications, ventures and a growing range of capabilities, including reliable and fast transactions that are either transparent or private, rewards for network participation, a decentralized marketplace and Phore Synapse Smart Contracts. Phore Blockchain also offers custom blockchain technologies and services for B2B clients. Its token PHR will be listed on the Ternion Exchange.

HELIX Orange– ICO Verification Platform

HELIX Orange is a sustainable ICO marketplace that features HELIX ID verified investors and ICOs. The marketplace is connecting quality ICO projects with KYC-ready investors. It is going to become the go-to platform for serious ICO investments. HELIX Orange is a project by Blockchain HELIX AG, a German technology company, developing Digital Identity solutions on the basis of blockchain. HELIX Orange tokens will also be listed on the Ternion Exchange. Join its telegram community here.

Automata — Liquidity provider and external clients engagement

Automata is our latest partner and is the first robo-advisor in the cryptocurrency market to offer bespoke, actively managed cryptocurrency portfolios based on personal risk preferences with a focus on risk management and capital protection from as little as £1. Join its Telegram channel to learn more.

Flashboys– Technological Partner

Flashboys aims at making crypto services to be easy receive and offered to customers. The company promotes adoption of crypto international payments, lending circles, investment and crowdfunding. Allowing business entities to implement blockchain services without functional constraints is the goal of the company. It has developed a new platform, Wizzle, to support the production of these blockchain services for consumers and small businesses. Interesting fact: WIZZLE tokens will be listed on the Ternion Exchange and they have been dropped to the Ternion users who had registered on the exchangedrop.com.

Dib.one– Market Making and Derivative Partner

Did.one offers trusted derivative, asset management, and a research platform. The company offers clients financial products that are initiated, traded and settled on the Ethereum Blockchain in a fully decentralized way. Their deep knowledge of financial market realities and blockchain technologies allows them to put forth the best product for Ternion.

Swiss Capital– VC & Customer Partner

Swiss Capital is our trusted partner that helps us to expand Ternion to Asia and helps us to yield more clients and funding from Asia as well.

Zeus Protocol– Crypto AML and Compliance Partner

Zeus Protocol in its inception is a second layer network for Ethereum to scale computation with core capabilities of identity, information (off-chain), intelligence and interoperability. Ternion utilizes ZeusID that allows us to verify ETH wallets and ensure the safety of our customers as well as ensure that we operate within the AML framework. ZeusID allows you to create user identity and understand whether a user is verified by a third party, possess accredited investor status, or miner status.

Red Bishops– Legal compliance

Red Bishops is a legal consulting firm that works with fast-growing, ambitious companies like Ternion, as well with established companies and venture funds. The company holds a lot of expertise in areas such as finance, intellectual property, corporate law and tax issues. By having a deep background in international law and its individually tailored approach to every customer, Red Bishops will help Ternion to reach the tops of the CoinMarketCap without undue legal hardships.

As we draw expertise from different areas and attract more partners we set the precedent for other emerging fintech companies and exchanges to collaborate with each other and with joint efforts to mature the fintech and blockchain industry.

Author’s note: The list will be updated as we forge more partnerships. For more information on collaboration opportunities send us an email at info@ternion.io

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