I’m sure, in your world, you too are a main character

Eternal Spring (Freestyle)

Peace on Earth, or vacate the premises, please


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Image by author (Instagram: @williambluemusic // #csc_terraINCOGNITA)



You know it’s greatness when
You witness it unorchestrated
Face it, your pen can’t hold a candle
To my lyrical phosphorescent greatness
Spiritual forklifts making holographic
Force apparitions in your ears
Without physical presence
A force ghost ever-present
An MP3 file that is evanescent
Not to be confused with the band
More in the era of Marianas Trench or
Finger Eleven, equidistant from
The dark side of the blue moon from a
On which I came to after aiming for
All the stars


Give a bigot a face lift

This Bruce Lee lookin’ fella
He rap good
You think we can capitalize on
The fact that he’s a hapa-passing Asian?

Not like K-pop, more Americanized
Even though he’s Canadian
But not from the 6
But from a whole other province
Like the 7
Like “E-H” with a “E-H”


Nah, but you can’t analyze that


The way you can my


Metaphors just kick different
Or hit different
Depending on your level of Interac
No, I mean intellect

Silly fucking autocorrect

I mean…

The autocorrect in my mind

I mean, I’m just speaking to my
Highest tooth or
Maladaptive malapropisms that
I didn’t even need to adapt into my
Word document
Salad (w)rap buffet
Conglomerate table of
High-value fucking steaks

Let me stake my mission statement
That is to stoke no more hate
That is to promote
The uncontroversial view of
Peace on Earth
Or vacate the premises, please
Because we don’t need anymore


We didn’t even start the fire
Let us judge not others based on
Our distaste for the lowest of the
Human race
Whenever we look in the mirror
You see its face, the
Deep spectre living in each and
Every one of us
Our shadow selves
They always manifest behind ya
Because it’s only in the light
That they feel safe

No shade or no shame

Let us fall back in love with life

If not only with life itself

This life is but a shell
Without the likes of you and me here
You and me
Fellow players, observers
I’m sure
In your world, you too
Are a main character

Even though it seems
Everyone else is too,
Part of their own stories
Much less you
Are no different are you?

Mass consensus
Massively distracting the masses
From their own true nature
Have long forgotten that

They are a version of the Creator

And that love will save all of us


At least, in theory
From the word of
The theoretical physicist
Named Jesus

The-that dude
I don’t know if
That’s the right word for Him
Though, but…

You get the message

Did you get it?

I mean, the motherfucking memo?

Hindi po?

Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth, nalang
Sana all
Sana all
Lahat nang tao

All the people on Earth
Will experience

Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth
Peace on Earth

Billy Blue the type to dive right into it
Before I watched her eyes get acidic
’Cause nobody ever really dies

I be spitting these Vedic-esque lyrics
On a quest to find balance between
Questionably unquestionable
And the opposite where people just
Swallow every concept you spit like
Omega-3s because you made it
Sound good, sounding smart and
Simultaneously unvarnished from
The heart of a heroic leader who
Definitely did not manipulate or
Play with CAUTION TAPE to signal that


Tongue-twisting the polyglots with polysyllabic acid rapping in a springtime that lasts forever

See, once I get started on

Flow like this, I

Keep spitting on some spiteful
Self-obsessive, solipsistic business
Like an entrepreneurial Epicurus

Hold up,
Pull that up, Siri…

The fuck is Billy Blue talking about
With that running mouth?

A problem like Maria or Mario
That will never get solved but
I got 99 pipelines of problems
And all of them sound like music
In the right cadence, deliverance
Deliver us, deliver me like Pizza 73
From under the radar
Darkness, and whatever else evil
Does in the shadows

In disguise, in plain sight, and
Beyond our perceptions, and right under our noses, but

We spitting this off the dome though
This flow is like the next one
The next tale that be getting
Spun along with a cotton candy
Floss, that’s just pure sugar

Little bit of spice and a side of
Everything nice like Paprika
And maybe some sunflower seeds or
Some seeds of wisdom that we can
Grow like Skittles in the farmhouses
Of our mind palaces

Oh, for society, because
The only god I see is Narcissus

But I couldn’t tell you what
He looks like nowadays
He might be six-five in the eyes
Of every beholder or
In a private folder stashed away
In a USB containing
The Colonel’s secret recipe or
Nuclear launch codes or
Whatever the heck they put
In Dr. Pepper

Kinda went off there

Eternal spring…


Image by author (Instagram: @williambluemusic // #csc_terraINCOGNITA)


Image by author (Instagram: @williambluemusic // #csc_terraINCOGNITA)

Terra Incognita is the upcoming debut novel by Canadian writer Jonah Angeles.

The story centers around special agent Parker Shiro, who is tasked with the undercover investigation of Aurum City, an isolated “smart city” located in the Californian desert — blocked off from the world by four gold walls and an artificial sky.

When an extraction mission goes wrong, Parker must find his own way back to the outside world, all while navigating an uprising that threatens to swallow the city up whole.


The novel will be released in three separate installments on Gumroad and Amazon.

Book I: A Tale of Two Synchronicities will be released some time in 2024.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Read the official announcement below.

The novel’s soundtrack is available to stream on Spotify.

Source: Spotify // Playlist by author

Eternal Spring (Freestyle) by William Blue is available on all streaming services.