Community Update — February 2024

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6 min readMar 7, 2024


February was a busy month for Terra, with the launch of Warp v2, numerous projects incorporating the Alliance module, a flurry of NFT-related activity, and updates from dozens of projects — and it’s not stopping there 😎

Read on to learn about everything that happened in the Terra ecosystem in February! 👇

🌎 Ecosystem Updates

  • Learn how to onboard via Station Wallet in just three simple steps.
  • Galatic Punks and pixeLions went cross-chain! Thanks to Ark Protocol, you can now send your NFTs to other chains, starting with Stargaze and with more chains to follow.
  • Andromeda is sponsoring 9,000 ANDR over the next 3 months to ANDR-LUNA liquidity providers on It’s not too late to participate in the Genie campaign 🧞
  • LUNAtics rallied behind Ark Protocol in Round 1 the AEZ Quadratic Grant, powering them to 1st place (and a 1,201.43 ATOM grant) to help bring cross-chain NFT staking to Enterprise DAO and the Cosmos. Congratulations! 🥇
  • Galactic Mining Club NFTs launched on Necropolis for secondary sales 🌌⛏️
  • Discover how Alliance — the open-source module that enables blockchains to form mutually beneficial relationships — works in the new Alliance explainer video 🤝
  • The White Whale team reflected on how Migaloo was the first Cosmos chain to enable restaking with the Alliance module almost a year ago, using Alliance as a flexible monetary policy tool to forge incentive-aligned partnerships, increase liquidity, and bootstrap ecosystem projects.
  • Persistence One announced their plan to build restaking infrastructure in Cosmos, powered by Terraform Labs’ (TFL) Alliance module, followed by a deep dive into the technical implementation.
  • Solid is now cross-chain utilizing the Foundation API provided by TFL, and successfully integrated BNB and SOL as collateral options for minting SOLID tokens. Check out the recap thread for more updates!
  • Savye went live as the first AI-powered language learn-to-earn NFT gaming app on Terra.
  • NFTSwitch announced a significant platform update, including a website redesign, the introduction of an NFT transfer tool, and wallet support for Station, Keplr, and Leap.
  • Enterprise DAO released new features such as treasury portfolio charts and insight into DAO staking, liquidity pools, and yield farming positions — powered by Pulsar Finance 📊
  • Astroport unveiled permissionless incentives for liquidity pools, allowing anyone to incentivize pools with up to five different tokens. This transforms third-party reward management and enhances platform liquidity and accessibility.
  • Contro Protocol introduced its Gradual Limit Order Book (GLOB) system and described how it aims to make trading cheaper and fairer while improving the user experience.
  • Two Terra NFT collections, Galactic Mining Club and AllianceDAO, made it to the top 5 in NFT volume across Cosmos in mid-Feb 💪
  • Wager Protocol will bring prediction markets to the Terra ecosystem, with its mainnet launch set for Q1 2024.
  • Skip Protocol announced routing support for White Whale and Astroport on, aggregating the best routes and liquidity across Sei, Injective, Terra, White Whale, and Chihuahua.
  • New pixeLions DAO and Lion DAO swag was added to the Crypto Loot Shop 👕
  • Warp Protocol unveiled Warp v2, a major upgrade that extends the capabilities of Warp’s decentralized automation protocol through an overhauled account management system, a revamped fee mechanism, and a new primitive for job executions 🌀
  • CosmWasm launched CosmWasm Tracing, a new debugging tool, on Terra to enable developers to spend less time debugging and more time creating thanks to detailed error logs, messages, gas usage, and more.
  • Solid explored liquidation queue opportunities, and how users could score discounted collateral by depositing SOLID.
  • Astroport implemented a UI update alongside a revised incentives schedule, allowing users to easily navigate to a pool’s dedicated incentives distribution schedule with a simple click.
  • Pulsar Finance created a Cosmos Token Repository, where the community can help add information about new tokens to be supported by Pulsar.
  • Station Wallet teased the imminent launch of Station v3 Dashboard 👀
  • AllianceDAO provided new ways to mint AllianceDAO NFTs through a secondary mint for AllianceDAO stakers and an NFT community mint for holders of Galactic Mining Club, Skeleton Punks, pixeLions, and Galactic Punks. To all who are eligible, make sure to mint yours today and become part of the AllianceDAO!
  • Pulsar Finance kept shipping and boasted 44 new protocols, 5 new blockchains, and a stack of UX improvements in their monthly sum-up for February.

🏦 Governance Updates

  • The AllianceDAO posted a proposal to add the ALLY token as an Alliance asset to the Terra blockchain, allowing AllianceDAO NFTs to accrue LUNA staking rewards. The vote passed with overwhelming support.
  • A proposal to whitelist USDC-USDT and ATOM-LUNA LP tokens from Astroport as Alliance assets on Terra was posted on Commonwealth to solicit feedback from the community. It aims to establish deep stablecoin and ATOM token liquidity on Terra.
  • The Lion DAO posted a proposal to add ampROAR as an Alliance asset, which passed with 91% in favor.
  • Warp Protocol posted a governance proposal to deploy its contracts on Osmosis. Make your voice heard and cast your vote!

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💬 Closing Note

February brought a full-on shipping season to the Terra ecosystem as the community continues to push forward. With the Station v3 Dashboard release coming closer and a plethora of other updates in the pipeline, we’re excited for the upcoming month and beyond. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!

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