Community Update — January 2024

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6 min readFeb 13, 2024


With the Station v3 Extension release, new Enterprise DAO features, and various project collaborations, it’s clear that 2024 started on the right foot for the Terra ecosystem. Curious to know what’s been cooking?

Here’s a list of all the developments within the Terra ecosystem in January 👇

🌎 Ecosystem Updates

  • Terraform Labs (TFL) announced its support of CosmWasm development as the inaugural subscriber of Confio’s new CosmWasm subscription.
  • TFL’s CEO Chris Amani teased the early release of the Station v3 Extension if his tweet got at least 500 retweets, which was hit in no time thanks to the Station community 💪
  • Station v3 Extension launched and is now available for download on the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge stores, making transacting in Cosmos a whole lot easier! Existing Station users can upgrade their wallets using this guide. New users can visit to get started 🛰️🎉
  • The Terra Delegation Committee shared their first recommendation on how to distribute the 125M LUNA TFL received from the Terra Community Grant among qualified validators. Thereafter, TFL completed Phase 1 delegations to Terra validators in line with the committee’s recommendations.
  • Ark Protocol ushered in the era of Interchain NFTs on Cosmos, beginning with collections on Juno, Stargaze, and Terra.
  • New Pulsar swag was added to the Crypto Loot Shop 👕
  • The AllianceDAO NFT claim period ended, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the DAO.
  • TFL continued driving deep bluechip liquidity on Terra by deploying $2M into the LUNA-ASTRO pool on Astroport, followed by another $2M into two new PCL pools on Astroport (LUNA-wSOL and LUNA-wBNB). TFL also announced a liquidity deployment on Ura of $40K worth of LUNA with $40K worth of ANDR in collaboration with Andromeda.
  • Enterprise DAO enabled cross-chain token staking, allowing any DAO — regardless of chain — to manage their token governance on Enterprise using native tokens from across Cosmos.
  • Skip Protocol announced its partnership with Station Wallet, bringing the power of the Skip API to Station users through seamless cross-chain swaps and fee token top-ups 🔄
  • The Galactic Punks NFT collection enabled NFT staking and governance on Enterprise for GP holders, taking advantage of Enterprise’s advanced, easy-to-use DAO management features to strengthen, unite, and expand the GP community.
  • In a strategic move, TFL filed for Chapter 11 protection to allow for continued operations and work with the Terra community on infrastructure, innovative tools and products, and other ecosystem support while resolving outstanding legal proceedings.
  • SAYVE tweeted about its upcoming web app launch, offering a chance to win $10K and early access to its Android app! 💰
  • Enterprise DAO further enhanced its cross-chain functionalities: Cross-chain treasuries can now be created during DAO creation, and assets can be deposited from any chain to satisfy proposal deposit requirements.
  • New feedback and bug report platforms went live for Station and Enterprise, allowing users to request features, report bugs, and give feedback directly to the Station and Enterprise teams.
  • Unsurprisingly, the chads at Pulsar kept on shipping. Check out their roundup for January. Ship szn continues… 🚢

🏦 Governance Updates

  • Following a governance discussion, Terra added support for paying gas fees in USDC and axlUSDC, enabling 2-step onboarding to the Terra network and greater fee token optionality for users. The new fee tokens can be selected via the fee dropdown menu on Station Wallet when transacting on Terra. In related news, validators successfully adjusted their gas fee settings on Terra to their previous levels.
  • The Terra blockchain successfully upgraded to v2.9.

🤝 Integrations & Listings

🎥 Media Features

  • @terra_money hosted the first Talking Terra with TFL of the new year on Jan 4th to discuss Terra governance proposals, the imminent Station v3 launch, and the AllianceDAO NFT mint. (TerraSpaces recording here.)
  • @The_AllianceDAO hosted its second community town hall on Jan 5th, covering ways to strengthen governance, ideas for the DAO treasury, and the Alliance asset proposal. (TerraSpaces recording here.)
  • @enterprise_dao invited Neutron team members to a space on Jan 11th to discuss Neutron apps, Enterprise DAO cross-chain treasuries, and more. (TerraSpaces recording here.)
  • @CosmosHOSS hosted a Cosmos Alpha Space on Jan 15th that lasted over 4 hours, discussing 20 Cosmos different projects, including Station at ~12 mins in. (TerraSpaces recording here.)
  • @galactic_punks hosted a Punk FM town hall on Jan 16th to chat about the successful Galactic Ordinals mint and plans for 2024. (TerraSpaces recording here.)
  • @terra_money returned with another Talking Terra with TFL on Jan 18th, which covered various product updates and Terra community questions. (TerraSpaces recording here.)
  • @SkipProtocol and @StationWallet celebrated the launch of Station v3 Extension with features powered by Skip’s API on Jan 24th, sharing insights into how to usher in a user-friendly cross-chain future.
  • @orbital_command spoke to @0xphilipp from Eris Protocol on Jan 30th to learn more about what their team is building to make earning in Cosmos DeFi easy.

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✏️ Community Post Highlights

  • @PixeLionsDAO posted a “megathread of 2023 gratitude”. Starting as an experiment, the Pride showed how to bootstrap a token and NFT community using Enterprise in less than a year.
  • @Rebel_Defi outlined the positive effects of an upcoming governance proposal to whitelist LP tokens as Alliance assets for Terra, protocols, yield farmers, and DeFi enthusiasts.
  • @fleece_cannon, TFL’s CEO, reflected on the past year, rebuilding the team and positioning for the future with crypto’s most resilient community and an unrivaled application stack.
  • @zion_schum, Head of Communications for TFL, wrote up a summary thread of the Talking Terra with TFL space about the Station v3 launch, upcoming governance proposals and their benefits, and what the Pulsar Finance team is working on.
  • @gp4719 rated the new Station Wallet experience as “smooth as silk.”
  • @Rebel_Defi posted a video showing what you can do on protocols such as Solid and Astroport as part of his Cosmos 365 challenge.
  • @BPIV400 recognized the power of Station v3’s cross-chain capabilities.
  • @0xham3d_eth published a dashboard and analysis covering the AllianceDAO NFT mint, secondary NFT sales, and insights into their trends and evolution.
  • @hedgefunder01 tried the 1-click IBC cross-chain swaps on Station Wallet and loved the experience.
  • @gp4719 gave a shout-out to the Enterprise and TFL teams, praising the new cross-chain token staking UI and experience on Enterprise DAO.
  • @Mannos13 is another fan of Station’s cross-chain functionality 🎉
  • @CosmosATOMDaily highlighted Terra as the leading Cosmos ecosystem based on developer activity in December.
  • @orbital_command published another Terra Weekly 🌖, aggregating all the happenings within the Terra ecosystem.
  • @Rebel_Defi posted another video on Twitter and YouTube demonstrating how to buy a Galactic Punk on TFM and stake it on Enterprise DAO to receive governance power and staking rewards.

💬 Closing Note

If there’s one thing that January showed us, it’s that the Terra ecosystem is doubling down on simple UX and cross-chain functionality, abstracting away unnecessary technical complexity and trailblazing a multi-chain future that makes onboarding new users quick and easy — all while driving value back to the home base 🌕

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Until next time!

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