Community Update — June 2023

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Terra’s resurgence continued in June with the official release of Warp Protocol and its $LUNA buyback and burn fee mechanism, Cavern’s deployment of auto-compounded LP collateral types, TFM’s launch of its aggregated limit order book, and much more!

Let’s dive into everything that happened within the Terra ecosystem in June 👇

🌎 Ecosystem Updates

  • ​​Following insightful community feedback, testing, and iteration, Warp Protocol had its official release, announcing plans to go interchain and leverage its fee mechanism to buy back and burn $LUNA.
  • Astroport launched Warp-powered limit orders with future plans to integrate across each of its deployments on Injective, Neutron, and Sei.
  • Astroport deployed Passive Concentrated Liquidity pools on testnet and announced plans to deploy on mainnet soon, setting the stage to increase liquidity efficiency across LPs on Terra.
  • Cavern, a money market built on Terra, launched two new collateral types: auto-compounded LUNA-axlUSDC LP positions on both Eris and Spectrum. They also announced that they wouldn’t be taking 100% of the rewards from these LP positions, allowing borrowers to earn yield while borrowing.
  • Cavern integrated Kado, enabling users to onboard into the TeFi ecosystem using fiat currencies like USD, EUR, and others.
  • TFM unveiled its Aggregated Limit Order Book (ALOB): a novel Web3 product aggregating limit orders across multiple AMMs.
  • Smart Stake announced the ability to check historical stats for all Terra tokens using its analytics dashboard.
  • Coinhall released a slick new UI for its trading and analytics dashboard.
  • PixeLions, a new NFT collection on Terra, sold out its mint and enabled staking of its NFTs on Enterprise Protocol, automatically distributing $ROAR rewards to stakers using Warp Protocol.
  • Astroport stakers voted to support another year of $ASTRO emissions on Terra pools.
  • Black Panther, a soon-to-come asset management protocol on Terra, announced plans to deploy grid trading bots for various Terra tokens.
  • Contro, a prediction market coming soon to Terra, launched open access to its community Telegram channel.
  • Warp dropped a thread outlining how its decentralized automation engine can grow a platform’s user base, create new experiences, cut in-house costs, and boost scalability through highly-performant, flexible automation.
  • Chris Amani, now interim CEO of TFL (which we’ll cover in next month’s update), dropped a teaser of some of the projects TFL is working on.
  • TFM announced an integration with Enterprise, enabling users to view their staked NFTs on its NFT aggregator.
  • White Whale deployed its incentive contracts, enabling users to create incentive flows.
  • Astroport deployed an MEV-sharing solution for traders and $ASTRO stakers.
  • Eris Protocol outlined a few things users can do using its Amp Z automation tool, including DCA, topping up collateral, and more.
  • Astroport deployed swap route selection on Terra, Injective, and Neutron.
  • TFM launched NFT Spy, allowing users to view NFTs held by any wallet.
  • The community voted to incentivize Capapult’s SOLID-axlUSDC pool on Astroport.
  • Another $LUNA whale was spotted using Coinhall’s TerraWhaleAlert bot.

🏦 Governance Updates

  • Prop 4726 to incentivize Alliance adoption and the formation of mutually beneficial economic alliances between $LUNA and other Cosmos ecosystems passed with overwhelming support.
  • Prop 4728 to provide TERRAN.ONE with a $LUNA grant to continue working on Terra developer tooling passed with 85% voting “Yes.”

🤝 Integrations & Listings

  • $LUNA debuted on ShadeSwap on Secret Network with the deployment of the LUNA-SILK pool.

🎥 Media Features

  • @astroport_fi sat down with @warp_protocol collaborators to discuss its recent limit order integration and explore potential future use cases, including automated cross-chain shared liquidity management via slAMM.
  • @TheLionDAO hosted an AMA and mint party for the debut of its new NFT collection, pixeLions.
  • @AndromedaProt dropped a video outlining its new Andromeda Operating System (aOS), coming soon to Terra.
  • @thegalacticdao hosted the Lonely Astro Club on Twitter Spaces to discuss the NFT scenes on Terra and Stargaze.

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💬 Closing Note

Encapsulating a month’s worth of Terra events is tough! If you find that I have inadvertently missed any important updates or if there are details that require correction, please share your thoughts in the comments section, and I’ll be happy to make adjustments. Thank you! 🙏



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