Community Update — May 2023

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The month of May furnished the Terra community with several positive new developments. From Prism announcing its plan to establish an Alliance with LUNA upon chain debut to Carbon whitelisting ampLUNA and stLUNA as Alliance assets, there’s plenty to cover in this month’s update.

Let’s dive into everything that happened!👇

🌎 Ecosystem Updates

  • Station launched Alliance staking, allowing users to seamlessly stake their Alliance assets across Alliance chains. Check out this walkthrough video from Jared to see how it works.
  • TFM introduced a Cosmos-first with NFT limit orders.
  • Back Bone Labs announced that its NFT marketplace, Necropolis, added support for new NFT collections and would only charge trading fees starting July 1st, 2023.
  • TFM unveiled its new NFT aggregator, allowing users to research and buy NFTs across various marketplaces all in one interface.
  • Orne released its Monthly Update for April.
  • announced that they’d be bringing native USDC to Station.
  • Smart Stake launched Liquid Staking Token (LST) rich lists, allowing users to track the largest holders on Terra.
  • Lion DAO started using @warp_protocol jobs to distribute ROAR staking rewards to community members automatically.
  • Station welcomed the new Blossom and Moon themes, which users can toggle to in settings.
  • TFL announced the Alliance Dashboard Bounty Program, offering up $1,000 worth of LUNA to the person or team that creates the best Alliance dashboard.
  • Contro Protocol, a decentralized prediction and derivatives protocol coming soon to Terra, announced its imminent testnet release.
  • Coinhall tweeted about its LUNA vesting UI, which allows users to view their total LUNA airdrop from chain Genesis, as well as the composition of their vesting LUNA.
  • Capapult enabled staking rewards for CAPA stakers.
  • Andromeda began its testnet competition — the Andromeda Galaxy Testnet — offering up 100K ANDR to developers who help them test new technology.
  • Neptune Finance launched its money market beta on Terra’s testnet, along with a thread detailing how to get started.
  • Kado released a walkthrough detailing how to onboard fiat to buy USDC on Terra using Station.
  • Cosmos Daily released a graphical representation of April’s Community Update.
  • Astroport announced its developer bounty program, offering 80K ASTRO as a reward.
  • Skeleton Punks revamped and opened its Senator Program, searching for qualified candidates to help grow the Skeleton Punk community.
  • TFM released collection offers for all Terra NFT collections, allowing users to pick out bargain NFT deals or receive instant liquidity.
  • Andromeda announced product details on its aOS suite, which aims to simplify the creation of new Terra applications.
  • Smart Stake enhanced its analytics dashboard, enabling users to track token history, top wallets, and token holders’ balance histories.
  • Enterprise Protocol announced it would be going cross-chain, simplifying the creation and management of DAOs across the Cosmos.
  • Astroport launched two mirrors of its application in the spirit of decentralization.
  • Astroport announced a testnet deployment of MEV protection powered by Skip Protocol.

🏦 Governance Updates

  • Confio’s Community Pool spend proposal to support the development of CosmWasm and other projects that benefit Terra passed with 77% approval.
  • Neptune Finance’s Community Pool spend proposal for an audit reimbursement passed with 87% approval.

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🤝 Integrations & Listings

  • Carbon announced an Alliance with LUNA, outlining how Alliance works, why it's using it to grow its ecosystem, and more. Shortly after, Carbon’s governance whitelisted stLUNA and ampLUNA as stakable Alliance assets, enabling additional yield for LUNA Alliance stakers.
  • Prism Protocol announced that it would integrate the Alliance module and whitelist LUNA as an Alliance asset upon chain debut, allowing token holders to earn multiple forms of yield while strengthening the ecosystem.

🎥 Media Features

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💬 Closing Note

Encapsulating a month’s worth of Terra events is tough, and I know I make mistakes. If you find that I have inadvertently missed any important updates or if there are details that require correction, please share your thoughts in the comments section, and I’ll be happy to make adjustments. Thank you! 🙏



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