Community Update — September 2023

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From feature additions and new partnerships to product announcements and a plethora of ecosystem events, September was an exciting time for the Terra community, with plenty of news to get hyped about. What news is that, you ask? I’m glad you asked 😎

Here’s a mega list of everything that happened within the Terra ecosystem in September.

🌎 Ecosystem Updates

  • Andromeda launched the second phase of its Galaxy Quest to incentivize testing and bug reporting of the Andromeda testnet.
  • To demonstrate the power of IBC Connect, TFM connected Terra to 20 additional Cosmos appchains.
  • Station Wallet added support for the Neutron network ✴🎉
  • Station Wallet also added support for Injective 🥷 The update also enables Station to automatically generate keys for new coin types, smoothing the way for future network support.
  • Passive concentrated liquidity (PCL) went live on Astroport, starting with the ASTRO — LUNA pool. The Astroport team wrote a couple of threads about the implications of PCL for the Cosmos and Terra.
  • Astroport limit orders were activated for the Neutron network, powered by Warp Protocol.
  • WarpDAO was introduced, and began seeking creatives, innovators, and researchers to work on Warp jobs, UI concepts, and tooling. WarpDAO will work together to take Warp to the next level 🌀
  • The Terra ecosystem was #2 in Cosmos developer activity for August 🥈
  • JAX is a smart contract platform that will allow developers to write and deploy contracts written in JavaScript on the Terra blockchain. Check out the sneak peek 👀
  • The Capapult lockdrop officially ended, and rewards became claimable.
  • TFM introduced IBC Earn, which abstracts away the complexity of interchain DeFi.
  • White Whale released all liquidity from the amp/bLUNA — LUNA pools, allowing users to withdraw even if their unlock periods have not finished.
  • Squid Router announced its Cosmos expansion powered by Axelar, allowing users to swap in, out, and in between the Cosmos without friction.
  • Capapult launched the official Capapult Discord channel, for governance discussions, new articles, and more.
  • Sayve Protocol was featured in a project spotlight on the Terra Medium.
  • New incentives were added to the WHALE-axlUSDC pool on Terra.
  • A front-end bug was detected and resolved for Terra limit orders processed through TFM.
  • The TFM Cosmos Terminal can now be used to make fungible and non-fungible token trades on Terra.
  • Warp coming to Nibiru mainnet? (Yes, it is!)
  • Proud to be part of the Migaloo Zone ecosystem 🤜🤛🐳
  • Astroport will prohibit use by UK persons and block UK-based IP addresses starting on Oct 4.
  • TFL announced its sponsorship of Cosmoverse 2023, including an exhibition booth, a keynote presentation by CEO Chris Amani, and a Warp Protocol workshop and hackathon.
  • TFL CEO Chris Amani responded to court documents: Terra Classic bootstrapped validators through a fee subsidies program called Project Santa instead of using inflationary rewards.

🏦 Governance Updates

🤝 Integrations & Listings

  • Chihuahua officially integrated the Alliance module 🤝 The community is in the process of selecting Alliance assets to whitelist, including LUNA LSTs.

🎥 Media Features

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✏️ Community Thread Highlights

💬 Closing Note

September was a heck of a month, and it only gets more exciting from there. A spoiler alert for the next update: Cosmoverse ⚛ Though it will be featured next month, do yourself a favor and listen to TFL CEO Chris Amani’s Cosmoverse keynote, and get a head start on being incredibly bullish about Terra’s future.



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