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December 2020 Community Update

👋 Hey Terrans!

➗ CHAI Updates

🚀 Mirror Launch

💰 MIR Listings

📰 Mirror Features

📈 How to Use Mirror

📱 Mirror Wallet Released

⚡️ Buzlink Announcement

🔥 Terra in DeFi

Mirror x BAND Protocol

Mirror x Injective x BAND

Terra x Hummingbot

Terra x Lido DAO

TerraUSD x Sushiswap Onsen

TerraUSD x CRV

TerraUSD x ZapperFi

LUNA x Uniswap

🌎 Terra in the News

Cointelegraph x Terra

Coindesk x Terra

🗣 Interviews & AMAs

Community AMA | Do Kwon

Cointelegraph | Terra x Nervos x Band Protocol

Crypto Banter | Do Kwon

WhaleArmy AMA

Oddgems AMA

KuCoin AMA

🙌 Community Updates

🔎 Features

Rockaway | Terra Valuation

OKEx Insights | Mirror Protocol Analysis

Staking Rewards | $MIR Airdrop

Messari | Terra Analysis

🌟 Looking Forward

Anchor V1 Launch

Hummingbot Integration Guide & AMA

Web3 Global Feature

Livestream | Mirror x Injective x Band Protocol



Fueled by a passionate community and deep developer talent pool, the Terra blockchain is fully community-owned and built to enable the next generation of Web3 products and services.

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