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Presenting CHAISCAN

We at Terra are very excited to see the official launch of CHAISCAN, a CHAI payment explorer built by the talented DSRV Labs team!

With many block explorers in the network that have been providing transparency through the Terra blockchain comprehensively, it has been difficult to dive deeper into CHAI specific analytics. With the successes of CHAI in its rapidly growing user counts, ballooning transaction volumes, and continuing merchant integration GMVs soon topping upwards of $50 billion by 2021, detailed analytical insight is extremely valuable.

CHAISCAN provides a detailed analytics dashboard / explorer for our CHAI payments e-wallet. For example, quick data points on Total All Time Payments and Transactions, Daily Payments in merchant breakdowns, and Average Active User counts are available. High level objective observations can found:

As more features are added and data points tracked, there can be a clearer picture of the tangible impact of Terra’s infrastructure on CHAI growth towards continued massive adoption.

Public blockchain networks provide a level of transparency that has provided significant enthusiasm in accountability with the added responsibility of strategic management and direction for businesses integrated into them. Merchants integrating with CHAI have benefited tremendously from reduced transaction costs that have in turn enabled expanded promotions, discounts, and steadily growing user adoption.

The tenets of decentralization and public transparency are extremely important to Terra. As the ecosystem matures and projects like CHAI begin to capitalize on massive adoption and growth, it is imperative that decentralization, information freedom, and radical transparency remain core principles of how we imagine the open financial infrastructure future to look like.

CHAISCAN represents the work of passionate builders in Terra’s ecosystem making fundamental commitments to this path forward.

This project is built to enhance transparency & trust, which helps users make better decisions in their everyday purchases. CHAISCAN empowers users through a shared ledger by providing data not limited to an individual’s transactions, but the ecosystem as a whole. This allows greater transparency and helps individuals make informed decisions on a day-to-day basis. Also, merchants can utilize the data to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to improve their current business. This encourages healthy competition between merchants while benefiting the economy. — DSRV Labs

Again, congratulations to the DSRV Labs team! Please take some time to visit the CHAISCAN analytics dashboard and get familiarized with the DSRV Labs team — one among many passionate builders in the Terra Ecosystem!



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