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Project Spotlight — Lunar Assistant

In our newest issue of Terra’s Project Spotlight, we’re pleased to re-introduce Lunar Assistant — the Discord bot which provided token-gated channels for over 16k users across 200+ projects, now live on Terra mainnet.

To many LUNAtics in our community, Lunar Assistant is a familiar face that they would have interacted with. You may have seen it appear in a Discord server when connecting your wallet with the lunar-link command.

GraviDAO, the team behind Lunar Assistant, has continued to ship quality products. In this article, we’ll share more about what they’ve been up to and demonstrate how the team has deployed the Emergency Builders’ Allocation, granted by the Terra Community.


The team’s history started in the summer of ’22, when they attended the SpaceCamp Hackathon with the likes of Galactic Punks and Apollo DAO. Not long after, they launched Lunar Assistant, which found product-market-fit in the nascent TerraNFT space and went on to win 1st prize in the NFTerra Hackathon.

Continuing their mission to provide community-value, GraviDAO went on to expand Lunar Assistant with new modules over the subsequent months.

Some of those were specifically requested by, and tailored to, popular Terra projects:
- LP-token integration for Midas’ Space Dollars
- Custom API module for Levana
- Staked NFT integration for Galactic Punks

Lunar Assistant V2

Over the last few months, GraviDAO has been quietly redesigning its flagship product into a truly future-proof application.

In this section, we’ll dive a little deeper in what that means.

How it works

Lunar Assistant manages the link between your Terra wallet and your Discord account. By signing a one-time, cost-less transaction through the Lunar Link onboarding flow, a Discord user verifies he or she is the legitimate owner of their NFTs or tokens. Web3 projects running Lunar Assistant then use this to grant the user special roles and access rights.

Under the hood

With their V2 build, GraviDAO has taken the next step in ensuring they can continue to provide reliable infrastructure. The application now runs on an event-driven, multi-chain indexer which ‘listens’ for blockchain events relevant to the projects running it. By filtering out non-relevant events, Lunar Assistant achieves instant and scale-able Discord role verification.

How it benefits you as a user

Lunar Assistant makes getting your exclusive Discord roles super easy.

With the new multi-chain architecture, you can look forward to having a familiar face greet you wherever you go, smooth and simple.

Say goodbye to the frustration of juggling a gazillion different dApps!

Artwork by N A R M
Artwork by N A R M

Lunar HQ

We’re super delighted to see where Lunar Assistant has gone so far, but this isn’t the only thing the GraviDAO team has been working on. Building on its previous success, they’ve expanded Lunar Assistant into a WebApp called Lunar HQ, to be released this fall.

We were able to gather some alpha on what this new product aims to bring us and are excited to share with you the TL;DR.


As an open-source project, GraviDAO has been listening closely to community feedback. All of the feature requests people and projects have made over the last 6 months will now be shipped in a beautiful, modular webApp.

That includes more technical requests such as boolean logic for nested roles tailored towards project owners, but also user-oriented requests such as support for adding multiple wallets to your account and a much anticipated Discord Announcement Aggregator.

Discord Announcement Aggregator

Trying to stay on top of a couple dozen NFT projects on Discord can become a pain. That’s why GraviDAO is including an announcement aggregator in Lunar HQ. Put simply, you’ll be able to create your own Discord news-feed by subscribing to channels of your choosing.

Lunar HQ will be available for holders of the Lunar Assistant: The Giving series. Scroll down for a feature list together with a few UI previews.

Lunar Assistant: The Giving #007

Feature list

  • 2-Click sign-up
  • User dashboard
  • Discord announcement aggregator
  • Multiple-wallet accounts
  • Multi-chain support
  • Tokens, NFTs, staked NFTs, etc.
  • Nested role-rules
  • Trait-based rules
  • Boolean logic
  • Custom API support
  • Off-chain voting
  • Server KPIs
Off-Chain Voting Proposals
Trait-Based Roles
Nested Rules with Boolean Logic
Announcement Aggregator

The GraviDAO Podcast

Besides building applications, GraviDAO has also ventured into content creation to build out their thought leadership in the space.

Together with Rick, who ran the Lunatic Station Podcast, the team has been releasing weekly episodes for a solid two months, with notable speakers such as Kujira, Luna Bulls, DystopAI, and Terraspaces. Future episodes in their ‘The State of NFTerra’ series will include Levana and Galactic Punks.

Bolstered by Maria Elias, a video editor who’s worked with Oscar-nominated actors such as Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, the team is pushing their content to the next level. Be sure to give them a look and drop in their Discord for podcast-related quizzes with fun rewards.

The GraviDAO Podcast

Learn more

All the links you need — https://linktr.ee/gravidao

Lunar Assistant — https://lunarassistant.io

Twitter — https://twitter.com/GraviDAO_



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