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In this edition of Terra’s Project Spotlight, we are pleased to present Sayve — a platform that aims to revolutionize language learning.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Web3 technology, innovation is not confined to financial systems; it extends its transformative touch to various facets of our lives.

SAYVE Protocol stands as a testament to this innovation, a pioneering project built on the Terra blockchain that aims to revolutionize language learning. By seamlessly integrating blockchain technology, AI advancements, and immersive gaming dynamics, SAYVE has crafted a unique Learn-to-Earn (L2E) protocol that empowers users to master languages while reaping substantial rewards. As we embark on this journey through the SAYVE universe, we also delve into the NFT odyssey that is Vox Universe Babbleground — a groundbreaking NFT gaming experience that reshapes how we engage with the metaverse.

The Vision: Bridging Language Learning and Web3

At the heart of SAYVE’s mission lies the profound intention to redefine language learning by embracing the capabilities of the Web3 realm. Language proficiency is a vital life skill, and SAYVE seeks to inspire learners by intertwining language acquisition with direct incentives. The conventional hurdles in language learning, such as maintaining motivation and practical application, find innovative solutions within the dynamic ecosystem of SAYVE.

L2E Mechanism: Merging SocialFi and GameFi

Central to SAYVE’s paradigm-shifting approach is its Learn-to-Earn mechanism, enhanced by AI technology that delivers personalized real-time feedback to users during their language learning expedition. This flexible learning structure empowers users to pace themselves, progressively building their confidence in speaking while accumulating $LINGO tokens as tokens of accomplishment. These tokens can be seamlessly integrated within the immersive metaverse environment or converted into other cryptocurrencies. The fusion of SocialFi and GameFi elements ensures users refine their language skills and indulge in an enchanting and captivating metaverse experience.

Psst.. The team has previously released a sneak peek of the VOX Bazaar here.

Language Learning: A Practical and Transparent Endeavor

SAYVE’s language learning approach strikes a harmonious balance between practicality and transparency. Users are guided through acquiring practical phrases that can be instantly applied to real-life scenarios. The curriculum’s foundation lies within The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ensuring users attain proficiency levels that embolden them to communicate confidently. The entire learning journey is meticulously recorded in NFTs, imbuing transparency and authenticity into the showcase of language competency, whether for professional or recreational endeavors.

See this in action here!

Game Dynamics: Unveiling the Vox Galaxy

Nestled within SAYVE’s expansive ecosystem is the enthralling Vox galaxy — an immersive canvas where users undertake an epic quest to thwart the nefarious schemes of GPT-X, a formidable AI entity. Armed with NFT characters and equipped with gear, players engage in missions to secure phoneme crystals that hold the key to the galaxy’s salvation. Yet, a tantalizing twist presents itself; players have the choice to either thwart or aid GPT-X in its ambitions. The rich tapestry of the Vox galaxy narrative adds an extra dimension of intrigue to the language learning journey, drawing users into a captivating narrative web.

Attributes and NFTs: The Key to Progression

SAYVE’s intricately designed attribute system forms the backbone of an immersive gaming experience, enabling users to elevate their characters and gear. Attributes encompass wages, vigor, resilience, and more, all influencing the user’s capacity to learn and earn. NFT characters can be adorned with gear that imparts unique buffs and debuffs, directly influencing the user’s gameplay and educational odyssey. This seamless integration of attributes and NFTs fosters a dynamic and engaging progression system, enriching the overall user experience.

See what you can do with your gear here!

Terra Blockchain: The Architect of SAYVE’s Vision

The bedrock of SAYVE’s pioneering vision rests upon the Terra blockchain, a testament to the project’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The team has chosen to build on Terra because of its high-speed, cost-effective transactions, and unparalleled scalability, which fully align with SAYVE’s goals, ensuring a user experience that is not only seamless but secure. The fusion of Terra’s technologies instills a sense of trust and integrity within the ecosystem, empowering users to confidently embark on their language-learning voyage within the metaverse.


SAYVE Protocol stands as a vanguard in the revolution of language learning within the Web3 era, a testament to the convergence of education, gaming, and blockchain technology. Through its AI-powered L2E mechanism, immersive game dynamics, and integration with the Terra blockchain, SAYVE empowers users to embark on an enlightening language acquisition journey, all while reaping tangible rewards. In shining the spotlight on the potential of Web3 in language learning, SAYVE exemplifies the boundless horizons that arise at the intersection of technology and education.

Join SAYVE in its audacious mission to redefine language learning in the Web3 era and become an integral part of a global community that nurtures linguistic proficiency, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

Step boldly into the NFT odyssey that is Vox Universe Babbleground, a symphony where learning, earning, and the metaverse coalesce into an unparalleled gaming experience.

Feature Roadmap

The Sayve team has put together an exciting roadmap to continually engage with its community. Check it out below:

Q3 2023

  • Genie Campaign with Backbone Labs & Lion DAO
  • Official NFT launch with Backbone Labs
  • Game App Mainnet Launch
  • Broca, Wernicke, GPT-X factions
  • Joint-Task Ambassador Program

Q4 2023

  • Android App Beta Launch
  • Language Virus Outbreak, influence war system launch
  • Genesis gears mint
  • More language content via governance or Enterprise DAO

To learn more about Sayve, connect with the team through the various social channels below or join the early access

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