Terraform Labs Acquires Pulsar Finance

Zion Schum
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4 min readNov 13


We’re thrilled to announce that Terraform Labs (TFL) has acquired Pulsar Finance, a leading cross-chain portfolio manager and data infrastructure provider, bringing advanced cross-chain analytics and comprehensive data solutions to Terra’s cutting-edge suite of applications.

With this acquisition, Pulsar’s flagship Portfolio product will be integrated directly into Station, TFL’s cross-chain wallet that allows users to vote, manage tokens, and access apps across supported chains from one convenient spot. Pulsar Data — a holistic Web3 infrastructure solution consisting of blockchain data APIs and SDKs — will merge with Foundation, Terraform Labs’ infrastructure offering, making Terra one of the most cost-efficient and developer-friendly chains to launch apps on.

“This acquisition immediately boosts Terraform Labs and our ecosystem’s ability to rapidly bring best-in-class, cross-chain applications to market. Integrating Pulsar not only enriches our technology stack, but also adds an incredibly talented team led by three innovative entrepreneurs with a proven track record of building and launching successful applications.” — Chris Amani, CEO of Terraform Labs

Pulsar Portfolio & Station

Pulsar Portfolio

Currently supporting 96 networks and over 700 protocols, Pulsar’s analytics platform enables users to track the performance of their tokens and view all their DeFi positions and NFTs across various blockchains in one unified dashboard. Synergistic with TFL’s commitment to intuitive and simple design, Pulsar’s Portfolio product will soon be offered through Station, enabling users to track and manage their cross-chain assets more easily. With this and future enhancements, Station will continue evolving into users’ single place to sign all crypto transactions — the premier interface to Web3.

Pulsar Data & Foundation

Pulsar Data preview

Structured and reliable blockchain data is the lifeblood of any thriving application economy. Built on the breadth of experience the Pulsar team gleaned from building data infrastructure to support their expansive Portfolio product, Pulsar Data offers this and more to Terra’s developer community. From indexed NFT, token, and smart contract data accessible via APIs, to SDKs that simplify data integration, ecosystem teams will have everything they need to create powerful, useful, and entertaining new applications for the LUNAtic community.

One of Pulsar’s SDKs being used to obtain token data

In conjunction with Foundation, Pulsar Data will eliminate the need for Terra ecosystem teams to spend resources on costly infrastructure or sacrifice development time building data indexers, as both products will be available to them for free. With teams typically spending upwards of $300K to $1M per year indexing data, the combination of Foundation and Pulsar Data promises to do away with a significant economic burden for Terra’s builders, allowing them to reallocate capital to product enhancements that contribute to business and ecosystem growth.

Joining forces

TFL’s roster — composed of experienced Web3 developers and crypto natives who have built multi-billion-dollar apps and scaled to millions of users — grows even more robust with today’s acquisition. The Pulsar Finance team, 20+ strong, will join the ranks of TFL, bringing technical expertise, best-in-class design capabilities, and a seasoned team of serial entrepreneurs.

“We’re thrilled to join TFL and be part of this remarkable team of builders. Since we entered the blockchain industry, our vision has been to make Web3 easy and accessible to everyone, and everything we’ve built so far has had that in mind, from our consumer Portfolio product to our infrastructure Data Hub. It’s exciting to see our products and core values fit so well with Terraform Labs’, and we can’t wait to see the positive impact this will bring to the ecosystem.” — Miguel Loures, Co-founder of Pulsar Finance

Looking Ahead

As the Pulsar team joins forces with TFL and begins collaborating on Station v3 and Foundation, the future looks brighter than ever for the Terra ecosystem. More than just a merger of technologies and teams, today’s acquisition represents a pivotal leap forward in placing Terra at the center of Web3 commerce. The combined strengths of TFL and Pulsar set the stage for accelerated growth and innovation within the ecosystem over the coming years, and as the teams work together on projects like Enterprise, Tashkent, Verity, and others, Terra will become a dominant force in shaping the future of digital commerce and blockchain economies.