Because, Plot

Bullets ricocheted everywhere, it’s like the damn building was made of steel. John got his Remington out of his tactical duffel bag and didn’t even think twice to shoot, without looking at the threat. After spraying the area with lead, he rolled and ducked to get to another cover near the exit. No one took a shot at him, it seems no one left. John breathed deep and jumped out of his cover and ran through the exit. The car was within 100 feet; he dashed through the old junkyard to the street.

He cranked the keys and flatten the gas pedal when a thug appear out of nowhere in the backseat of the car and put his sawed-off shotgun to John’s head. “End of your adventures, Mr. Bond” he said. “I don’t think so…” replied John with confidence, “pull the trigger” he continued to drive. The thug looked puzzled, but he complied. “Click!” but no bang. It didn’t fire, he squeezed the trigger once more, and again, and again… “What the hell?” he uttered. The thug cracked open the shotgun and two brand new, non-fired shells flung out of the barrel. John didn’t even acknowledge the struggle of the guy, he kept on cruising. He was driving even slower than before. The thug reloaded his gun and this time he shot it from the hip. “BANG!”. The gun did fire and hit the thug in the stomach because of the recoil. John looked at the red lights, they did not seem to want to turn green anytime soon. Thug checked the back of John’s seat. The bullets dented everywhere but the silhouette of John. He quickly fired another, this time from far right of the back seat. Another bang and the windshield and the driver window turned into a million pieces. John didn’t even flinch at the sound, he just drove the car, incredibly slow.

“You see…” finally said John, “I am the good guy in the story, and you’re but a simple thug. I have defeated hundreds of villains and I am supposed to die sometime around next year when I face the master villain Emiliano. Because he is my match, and our final battle will be incredible, maybe the fight can even get an epic soundtrack that will be used in countless fan made videos.

“What the fuck? What fans, what soundtrack, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“I made myself perfectly clear, I am the hero of the story, you are a simple henchman. We are no match, go get killed by an explosion that you’re not even in the blast radius of.”

John pulled at the side of the road and drop off the dude, he then gently drove and joined the traffic. The thug left on the sidewalk was not puzzled anymore, deep down he knew what he was. A single tear slowly went down on his cheek.