Big Ol’ Man

This one is for you, big ol’ man
It’s been days gone by since your departure
Choked the hearts with a fiery quietude;
And mine with a ceasing mutiny
Days after hours
Your detrited mental image in my memory
Exchanged places with a long-expected remedy
Now the sayings and mournings sound vague
In a contagious comparison to the perusals
Of our memories;
Heart-breaks and betrayals,
Years of frivolous standoff,
And the bitter taste of your unjust abandonment:
Things that once moulded my congealed sense of judgment
And the propitious credits I had poured on to you;
For which I can pity on human design
And its fairly ingrate conscience.
Missed the chance to indulge your immune ears
With thousands of long-broken promises
And a health-ful of lively prophecies,
Now to pledge my heart and reason
To your rotting monument
Is all I can do;
Bent before the shadow of your tree
That tilted over the wintry ground
Crying for visitors, a glass of water and standers-by;
And whispering the prayers
Omitted by the heartless process of remembrance,
I recite the one last universal oncoming omen:
Fare thee well, big ol’ man.