La Marinière Fatiguée

Salut, la marinière fatiguée!
Your voyage took its toll on you it seems
But here you are
After the ruthless storms trembled your well-being
You thought becoming coy is the only thing
To preserve what is really within
Your infant heart
Which doth manifest so fragile
Presuming all might jeopardize
This tender, delicate fire.
But here you are
Salted by the ocean of rueful tears
Dashed hard, you grasped those manouvres
To dodge the fearful spears.
It was hard for you to define what you encountered;
A series of natural phenomena?
Unlikely to be real.
But they were, indeed… 
This is what setting sail is all about
For adventures to harvest upon.
An agonizing scheme it feels.
Thus you reached my lonely shore
Like a mermaid, bare and enchanting.
Pick whatever fruit to your liking!
The fear has no ground on these sands,
Here grow all color and all type
But no venomous plants.
Take pleasure on the warmth of my heart
For that’s the source of heat, this isle.
The torrid dance of vibes
By our cheerful songs of trust, 
Love, passion and lust.
Lay yourself at ease, 
Feel the land of your prayers
And in your dreams.
Reach out to the roots of my devotion!
Safe and sound, this isle at your feet
Here to sedate, here to provide, here to feed.
Our union is all there to cherish.