Love Poem volume Infinity

Peanut butter.
Cartoon fish.
False teeth.
The tension can’t be avoided.
A heavy input
For the lost hearts seeking their
Shattered ideals.
Examine the scars morphing into wanton tattoos
From the exile days
And the epilogue begins
As the story is prone to suffocation.
But I am not after
Sorrow (and)
La petite mort
Je veux beaucoup
Avec toi et seulement toi!
Your voluptuous vessel
I crave
And I crave for the pure light
That comes out
As our souls unite.
La petite mort, tu comprends?
Though sometimes I am not making it easier,
I know.
Rest assured that I am working on it, too.
Je sais! Je sais!
Pardon my French
But if there’s something
Certain to utter
Upon the cracks of my lips dried
For so long left unkissed
By your petite lips,
Je t’adore!
My ultimate joy.