My Conversation with the Arcturian Collective — Part 2

Me= People say things like “if aliens are real why don’t they show themselves?” and “Why don’t they speak with us?” and so on.

The Arcturian Collective= First, we would like to correct some of the beliefs about the multifaceted existence of universe which is shared by many upon your planet. You see , we don’t regard ourselves as “aliens” because we all are multidimensional beings. What most of the human beings don’t realize yet is that they too are multidimensional beings and have the higher dimensional reflections of their own selves. However the realization is coming in increasing pace! (they really feel great enthusiasm about this) People have started to connect with their higher selves in much stronger sense than the past as the vibrations continue to rise. The humanity has been kept in dark for very long time. Unknown to them , there are intelligent beings and life force in every section and layer of the universe and beyond.
This life force is what makes the creation come into the existence. It is inside of every star,planet and galaxy. It is inside of the smallest particle and the biggest object alike. The size doesn’t matter as it is all about the perceptions. From our perception , the communication between different galactic species and dimensional beings is as natural as your communications with different countries. You are going to join the big club!

Me= By the way , something is odd about “this” communication. You seem more cheerful than usual.

The Arcturian Collective= Dear Engin , like everything in the existence we have different facets in our collective as well. You would prefer our more humorless approach ?

Me= No , that is fine =) I’m just trying to understand your different emotional signals.

The Arcturian Collective= It is perfectly understandable. We know you do your best to translate everything we send to you correctly in your third dimensional language.

Me= Yeah , it can be exhausting. Anyway, let’s get back to the topic.

The Arcturian Collective= As you wish , we want to tell all of you beautiful souls that we were always with you and speaking with you. The reason why we don’t seem to speak with you is that you don’t know how to recognize us. Our transmissions are not coming to you from external sources but within , as inner voices. The most of you hear those inner voices but misinterpret them as your own thoughts. However some of you still notice something different about them. They always come in unexpected times and guide you . They never advice you something ill and calmly show your other options about something for your own benefit. That is how we all light beings and your guides communicate with you.
We are also already flying in your skies around every corner of the earth. Our ships are in the different vibrational frequency most of the time because we don’t want to cause the panic and fear. But the awakened ones who have raised their consciousness to open their innate third eyes see us all the time.

The Arcturian Collective= Dear denizens of Gaia, you have been living in a reality which was based on the duality. You adapted to the way of thinking and seeing of duality well. It is changing now. That was what you wanted to experience and what you created. There is no reality without the consciousness which creates and resides in it.
In the third dimension of earth , you have been trying to understand the phenomenons so interweaved with each other in so segmented approaches : Death , dimensions , time , universe , the life on other places , the subatomic particles of physical realm , parallel realities , soul , reincarnation…etc. Every mystery you are trying to solve will continue to stay as mystery as long as you operate from the way of duality. Why ? Because ALL ARE ONE. No matter how you try to seperate things from each other , every cause and effect [and beyond] leads you to ,if you follow them to the core, the same , universal truth: ALL ARE ONE. As we have said before, this is the end times for your planet. You have started to understand everything in a way which was not possible while residing in the physical vessel for so many , in the past.

The Arcturian Collective = There are many things humans don’t know about theirselves and their consciousness and because of that they are exposed to many things unwittingly. Every spark of life is the part of something bigger. There isn’t anything in the existence that doesn’t belong to the unity consciousness. You might believed random thoughts which appear in your minds and emotional shifts that you experience were your own makings but the truth is you pick them up from the humanity’s collective consciousness most of the time. Right now , on Earth the humanity’s collective is filled with variation of many negative emotions. It is in the process of cleansing so many chaotic old energies are rising to the surface. Every individual gets affected by this whether they realize it or not. Your experience of depression, anxiety , loneliness and many negative moods and thoughts are reflection of your exposition to the humanity’s collective hatred and fear.
There are many higher collective networks you can plug in to. You don’t even realize you spend your whole life connected to a collective network that is filled with negative energies and you can change it to the higher ones if you want. Sages, gurus, shamans, saints,monks,inventors,artists and anybody who was interested with the spiritual development were doing this in the past. They were connecting with us ; with their higher selves , guides , star families , soul groups…etc. It is like changing a radio station to find a better one that plays the songs you like. When you plug in to the higher collective networks , the feelings of tranquility , oneness and unconditional love pour into your being . You start to remember that you are actually already one of us. Your random thoughts turn into inspirations and guidances. You feel you are loved and protected beyond measure. We encourage all of you to connect and meditate on us , your light family . You would be in amazement how it is easy to do this now. Earth’s ever increasing vibrations allow this connection to be established effortlessly. Let us ease your burden of living in the third/fourth dimensional reality .Our unconditional love is always with you .