The Talk About Terrakan

Our company focuses on providing the best and most-detailed property evaluation reports available. This is a key tool for developers and investors who are looking to build upcoming projects, or simply just want to learn more about a property. With our new and updated platform, Terrakan has been receiving lots of talk among business journals online.


The leading Berkshire Hathaway Company has wrote about Terrakan’s new platform.

“With the push of a button, developers can now get instant reports detailing what the maximum allowable scope of a project can be. It even generates an estimate of construction costs based on local market averages.”


The excitement for our new platform has spread to the well-known, another leading online business journal.

“In addition to the Terrakan Property Reports being offered by the website, is also capable of identifying these lucrative parcels with their Advanced Search feature.”

SoCal Tech

Lastly, SoCal Tech was able to give our company a shoutout as well. The online technology journal gave a brief applause to our newest platform.

“The company said it has automated the work normally involved in determining the best potential development opportunity in the city, including the work involved with looking up zoning information, figuring out setback reductions, allowable density, allowable square footage, and building costs.”

Terrakan Teamwork

Overall, our firm is very happy to announce our newest platform and updated reports. We hope to provide developers and investors with tools efficient enough to minimize any confusion or wasted time in finding vital information. For more information, feel free to contact us or browse through our site. We look forward to working with you!

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Blog by Jesamine D.