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A Brief Introduction about Terraverse — First Metaverse Hub for Terra Economy

Terraverse is created with support from Terra Technology to lay the central core providing a hub­ for the metaverse projects on Terra economy which is hot trend nowadays and under massive surge.

Metaverse Landscape

Metaverse is the future life. The metaverse expansion affect everyone and offering a future where we can enjoy a stronger overlap between our physical and digital lives. The promise of the Metaverse today focuses on universality and decentralization. It brings us to a world where we can control our digital experiences and access them in a more flexible environment. The metaverse is still in the early stages of evolution, with new technologies enhancing the environment all the time. The three most common forms of technology associated with the metaverse are XR, blockchain and AI.

Currently, the gaming environment is still considered the “starting point” of the metaverse. There are a number of games with phenomenal scale. Games are a fantastic environment for the metaverse because they encourage us to immerse ourselves in digital worlds and join communities unrestricted by geographic location. This has become increasingly common during recent years when the pandemic has reduced the number of interactions and unique experiences we can have in person. The prospects of metaverse is still in its infancy and just beginning to develop its potential.

Why on Terra?

True main reasons that we choose to launch on Terra:

  • Terra is a blockchain protocol deploying a suite of industry — leading decentralized stablecoin which underpin a thriving ecosystem that brings DeFi to the masses. Terra is the second largest vibrant smart contract platform.
  • Terra’s ecosystem, especially, the metaverse economy is newly developed and blooming so there is a lot of potential. We want to be a pioneer focus on incubating and developing the Terra dapp ecosystem

What is Terraverse?

TerraVerse is the first metaverse DAO serves as Incubating Services and Launching Accelerator for startups and crypto newcomers, especially, NFT and Metaverse projects. It is intended to support and create new initiatives that wish to take advantage of Terra’s scalability and user base, particularly in the fields of metaverse, gaming, and finance. Beyond Terra network, TerraVerse will also run on multiple chains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, allowing project owners, investors, and crypto communities to expand their ecosystems.

Terraverse is run by TerraVerseDAO.

The DAO is pursuing a strategy of “progressive decentralization.” Currently, major components of the protocol are controlled at a high-level by the DAO. Though, ultimately the focus is on:

  • Fully Decentralized and Funtional: Community take part in voting on every event of Terraverse such as vote for new function for terraverse, vote prioritized project, vote to choose apply and suggest of tokenomics of a game.
  • Transparency and Fully Public: All of information about project is publicly available on DAO forum and all the transaction is verified on-chain transparently.
  • SaaS “Startup as a Service”: Supporting need levels of each project will be different so can be divided into packages. A standardized set of service packages created for traditional and crypto institutions (and their customers) worldwide that allows them to start their project securely, compliantly, and quickly. These things will help crypto startups save their time and cost and what they do is focus on developing their product only. Our customer only need to access our friendly GUI and submit their basic information and services what they need, everything will done automatically. These services are paid by TVU token, and a portion of token supply will be burn.
  • Accelerator DAO Ecosystem: We try to build an startup boosting ecosystem include: Launchpad, Incubator, Advisory, Funding, Developing support, Auditing, etc. Our DAO treasury also act as an investment fund on Incubating project

Follow Terraverse’s official information channels to stay updated with the latest and hottest information related to the project!

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