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Introducing Terra Virtua DeFi, further expanding TVK utility!

Earlier this week we introduced Terra Virtua Prestige, our exclusive loyalty club for TVK holders. Today we introduce Terra Virtua DeFi, bringing together our upcoming Liquidity Mining, Staking and Farming Mechanics!

NFTs are unlocking a whole host of innovative mechanics within the DeFi space, be through art, collectibles, or other digital assets. This space is developing rapidly, and as always we want TVK holders to be at the forefront.

TVK holders will be able to benefit from native staking, yield farming and liquidity mining, all from the Terra Virtua platform. We will soon be announcing some new partnerships and our first liquidity mining rewards program!

We also today are excited to announce we will be working with Dafi Protocol to create a new type of staking, which will be rolling out soon.

DAFI Protocol and Terra Virtua are partnering to introduce an improved staking model for TVK. This is going to differ from traditional exchange staking, through the use of synthetic tokens.

  • The new system will issue network pegged synthetic tokens, dTVK tokens.
  • These synthetic tokens are designed to be algorithmically pegged to the demand of TVK

Current token distribution mechanisms in the space can introduce lopsided staking features and mechanics that can give a short term token price pump have long-term negative consequences to the project. One of the most damaging complications of this is hyperinflation is caused by poor token distribution and staking mechanisms, creating supply in times of low demand.

DAFI Protocol’s solution solves this issue using synthetic ‘smart tokens’. These tokens are designed to incentivize long-term commitment to the project rather than quick ‘flips’ through the regulation of token distribution. dTokens are pegged to the demand of TVK. Distribution of TVK staking rewards changes proportionately to the markets TVK demand. This helps the ecosystem by encouraging an increasingly robust community and reducing speculation.

We will leverage dTokens to issue network pegged synthetics instead of TVK token through a new, improved staking model. Because ‘synthetic TVK’ or dTVK is algorithmically designed to increase or decrease based on demand, the changing rewards achieved by dTVK will creates sustained value for Terra Virtua. dTVK tokens are then burned for $TVK tokens upon user request.

Its one of many exciting features coming for TVK holders. Look out for more TVK innovations from #terravirtuadefi soon!



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