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Love You Fur-Ever and Ever: PYL In-Flight Apr 9, 2022

Welcome Back My Fur-Ever and Ever Passengers:

Remember the puppies? Widget and Poppet? The ones I wrote about in Puppies Make Everything Better? The ones I swore I wasn’t going to fall in love with and keep forever?

Well, after returning both to the Peninsula Humane Society to get spayed/neutered and adopted by other people, I decided I couldn’t live without a dog in the house and adopted the boy and renamed him Good Boy George. (Yes, there’s a story behind the name and if you are singing Karma Chameleon in your head right now you are on the right track.)

Zeke was really looking forward to enjoying our unencumbered empty space so it’s taking a bit for him to warm up to the idea of having a puppy in the house. George is relentless in his pursuit of acceptance, and I have the next two weeks to whip him into shape, get him crate trained, and get us closer to a fully vaccinated state so we can take him out into the world.

Shh…don’t tell Zeke but I am pretty sure that he’s George’s person.

Navigating this decision process was pretty tough. Zeke and I were not on the same page and if I insisted on getting George (or another dog), I was going to be the asshole and if he put his foot down and said ‘no!’ to a dog (even one as cute as George) he would be the asshole.

So how did we do it?

At the shelter after a tough but successful tennis match, we talked through it and eventually he said he was abstaining from the vote. I got to decide if I was going to be the asshole or resentful.

What’s a girl (who wants a dog) to do?

She chooses the dog. And agreed to all sorts of things in the process. And then totally stressed about the decision.

We canceled my birthday trip to Santa Rosa (and Sebastapol). I canceled my trip to Palm Springs.

We were adjusting our life to accommodate a puppy.

I’ve had to hire pet sitters to come in and watch George while I get work done or try to get out of the house. Zeke is not the default puppy-watcher. He no longer picks up poop or takes the animals to the vet. This was all part of the deal we made to get to yes.

And yet I completely blew my tennis match because I was so worried that I’d ruined our newly rebuilt and beautiful relationship by getting a puppy. I came home from that match in tears, but Zeke met me at the door, folded me into his arms and said we would figure it out.

And we are.

But what about my other puppies AKA my kids?

Finn is on the Green River in Utah after backpacking 150 miles somewhere else in Utah in 25 days. Finn was exhausted, ready for a hot shower (lots of hot showers) and crammed their brain during the wilderness safety training portion of their adventure while at the Utah base camp.

And then they repacked and got on the river but not before wishing me a happy birthday on the 5th and paying the acceptance fee for University of Vermont (UVM) for the fall. Go Catamounts!

Adam is at Chapman University in Orange, CA and is taking four philosophy classes, Latin, and Greek. He is exhausted, his brain hurts, but he is happy. He turns 21 on Tuesday and will be (legally) bar hopping with his girlfriend Jillian to celebrate.

I’m heading to Orange next Saturday to take him and Jillian out for a boozy brunch (the first legal one) and birthday shopping. He’s asked for a Kitchen-Aid mixer and an espresso machine for his birthday. Really? I know they like to cook but really?

While I am in Orange, George gets to hang out with Auntie Jacqueline for the day which gives her a puppy fix and then she gives him right back to me. We call it ‘other people’s puppies.’ Or OPP.

That’s what George was supposed to be. An OPP like Poppet. As well as the other dogs that I was supposed to foster and love and then give to someone else to raise in their fur-ever home.

But not everything goes according to plan and sometimes you get some new information and you change direction. That’s what happened with George (or GBG as the vet calls him).

I didn’t want to foster the dogs who needed to be fostered. I just didn’t have it in me. I knew I wanted another dog but I didn’t want to deal with the unknown baggage (again) that comes with an older, rescue dog. And we already knew George (as Widget).

I won’t lie. This has been a lot of work and will be expensive, but I know it will be worth it.

I can’t complain about George (for obvious reasons) so I am being incredibly patient and tolerant with him. At times I feel like this is my chance to make up for the things I did wrong with my kids and Violet. Please don’t laugh.

I have a companion (and a project) while the kids are off on their adventures and Zeke is back onsite at Meta or off cycling with buddies. He left today for two weeks to cycle 725+ miles from Nashville to New Orleans.

This means that I have something to occupy my time and keep me from smothering my kids and my husband. This is a really good thing. Adam even noticed it recently and commented positively.

As for altering our life, this is a short-term problem and longer-term opportunity.

Once George has all his vaccines, we can take him out into the world. On hikes. To the beach. On road trips to dog friendly places. We will become ‘those people who take their dogs everywhere’ but we won’t be alone. Millennials have made this a thing and I am grateful.

And who knows? George may become a TikTok star. I’ll get right on that once I figure out how to edit videos.

May you find peace, acceptance, and love today as you navigate being human including the unexpected pivots.

With much love and gratitude,


P.S. Take the controls and be the pilot in your own life. It’s a beautiful day to fly, and you are cleared for takeoff.

Song: Karma Chameleon by Culture Club
Song: Love You Forever, Amen by Randy Travis

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