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Piloting Your Life Crew Chat: Self-Care

It is so easy to put everyone else first and forget to take care of ourselves. We as women (in America) are socialized to believe that to put ourselves first is to be selfish, and not in a good way.

I call bullshit.

We all know intellectually that if we don’t take care of ourselves, that we can’t really be there for others. Sometimes it’s harder to act on.

As I write this, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and the demands placed on women are through the roof. If you are parenting children, it’s even worse.

Our normal go-to’s for self-care may not be available to us and as such we are having to be creative about finding ways to make space and time for our own care. I know I struggle with this.

What about getting together some of your besties, either virtually or (safely) in person to talk about ways we can care for ourselves? This is one of the best ways we can care for ourselves by the way. Our friends can be our lifeline to sanity.

Once you are gathered, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, preferably in a beautiful glass, and open up about what you need, what you want, and how you can all support each other in making these realities.

Here are some ideas of what to talk about during a #CrewChat:

— What would I really like to be doing to take care of myself? Make a list. Bounce ideas off each other.

— If money and time were no object, what would make me feel good?

— I know I need to take care of myself but there never seems to be any time left in the day. How do I prioritize what I need in my day? How are your friends doing it?

— What can I let go of to make more room in my day or my week?

— Can I get some help from others to make some time available?

— Do I need help?

— Do I have trouble asking for help?

— What if I asked for help? What would that look like?

— Do I play martyr? Is this serving me?

— What can I choose now to take care of myself? What steps can I take to make these things a priority?

The conversation can go however you wish. There really are no rules other than those that you establish with your friends. Do what works for you and your gal pals. Be open, supportive, and loving with yourself and your friends.

What’s a Crew Chat? Get some details here in a blog post or here on the Piloting Your Life website. Bottom line: a crew chat is time with your friends to talk about your life, deepen friendships, and make you feel loved and supported.

Have other ideas? Share with me in the Comments below or send me an email at pilotingyourlife@gmail.com and I’ll add to this post.


P.S. Looking for more Crew Chat ideas? Check out Pinterest. I am adding at least one per month. TM

About the Author

Terri Hanson Mead is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, expert witness, podcaster, YouTuber, writer, mother, wife, and commercially-rated helicopter pilot based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about encouraging ALL women to live their best lives, especially those over the age of forty.

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