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Piloting Your Life Crew Chat: Sexual Health and Wellness for Women Over 40

According to Maxine Barish-Wreden, MD, “Good sex is a quality of life issue. It affects the quality of our relationships and how we feel about ourselves.” She encourages individuals in a relationship to talk to their partners about what is going on, because sexual intimacy leads to emotional intimacy.

Despite the fact that our culture leads us to beleive that older women don’t want to have sex, if we redefine what sex means and have the courage to examine relationships that serve our needs, we have an opportunity for a rockin’ good time.

Jess Zimmerman, a sex therapist and couples counselor based in Seattle, is a huge proponent of removing expectations around sex and redefining sex to be less goal-oriented and more about connection and pleasure.

Jess says, “We have the opportunity in midlife to reframe and reshape our definition of feelings, beliefs, expectations, and experiences around sex and intimacy and relationships. This is a big part of being human.”

Jess hits the nail on the head for a lot of us who continue to combat unhealthy and unsatisfying thoughts and beliefs that we can and should reshape and reframe to up our pleasure game.

We can do this with our without partner(s).

So gather your besties (or soon to be), open your hearts and minds, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, preferably in a beautiful glass, and open up about sex.

Here are some ideas of what to talk about during this months’s #CrewChat:

— Are you getting enough vitamin P? (P is for pleasure)

— Are you satisfied with your sex life?

— How do you define sex?

— Are you encountering issues with sex whether they are mental or physical?

— What comes up for you when you start to talk about sex? How do you feel? What stories start to come up? Really name the feelings and the stories.

— Are you able to ask for and/or seek what you want and need?

— What would you change if you could wave a magic wand and make something appear or disappear?

—What self-pleasure options have you explored?

— How do you feel about sexploration?

The conversation can go however you wish. There really are no rules other than those that you establish with your friends. Do what works for you and your gal pals. Be open, supportive, and loving with yourself and your friends.

What’s a Crew Chat? Get some details here in a blog post or here on the Piloting Your Life website. Bottom line: a crew chat is time with your friends to talk about your life, deepen friendships, and make you feel loved and supported.

Have other ideas? Share with me in the Comments below or send me an email at pilotingyourlife@gmail.com and I’ll add to this post.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. Looking for more Crew Chat ideas? Check out Pinterest. I am adding at least one per month. TM

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Terri Hanson Mead is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup advisor, expert witness, podcaster, YouTuber, writer, mother, wife, and commercially-rated helicopter pilot based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about encouraging ALL women to live their best lives, especially those over the age of forty.

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