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Piloting Your Life: In-Flight Entertainment (Are You First?) (Aug 12, 2020)

Welcome Back My Selfish Passengers:

My weekly trip to the beach for a walk with Violet and Zeke is now non-negotiable

COVID and SIP have taught me a huge lesson: make self care a priority. There’s so much I can’t control which is really uncomfortable. In the last few months I’ve established routines and practices that help to ground me so that I can weather whatever comes my direction.

My Co-Star words of wisdom yesterday reinforced this idea: a forest of bamboo bends to the ground in a typhoon but rarely breaks. We know that once you plant bamboo you can never get rid of that shit. So I am going to be like bamboo, anchor myself with good habits and practices, and bend like Gumby without breaking. Or like Stretch Armstrong (boy did we try to break him!).

I mentioned this on Instagram and it’s worth repeating. On December 1st, I started doing yoga for 10–30 minutes each day and I can see and feel the difference. I am more flexible, my body doesn’t ache (unless I’ve really worked out at tennis or hiking), and I feel more centered. I am better able to deal with all the shit while I look for the pony.

I started with Yoga with Kassandra on YouTube and she won me over on day one or two when she said that 10 minutes of yoga every day is better than 60–90 minutes twice a week. (She’s also not a Lululemon yoga gal which I can’t abide) I can commit to 10 minutes every day. Two of my friends (Jacqueline and Amy) started this recently (Kassandra’s 10 minute daily challenge for 30 days) and I can’t wait to hear how it’s going for them.

I use my Silk + Sonder habit tracker to remind and motivate me to focus on my own self care and personal development. I am extremely motivated to make sure there are no empty boxes at the end of the month. For many years I put everyone else first including my work and my clients and this time of COVID has reminded me that it’s just not worth it.

I was talking to my friend Candice about this very thing last night and she’s starting to do the same. It’s a hard shift for those of us women who have been socialized to put everyone else first and to do anything else means that we are selfish. Fuck that. Be selfish. Take care of yourself. Make sure you are in a good place or at least in the best possible place. Give yourself the permission; you deserve it.

YouTube: Terri Mead

YouTube: And Then There Were Three (Adam has left the nest)
We took Adam down to San Diego over the weekend and thus ended the summer phase of COVID. I’d not been more than 45 minutes from our house since March 14th and I cashed in all of my risk chips on this trip but it was worth it. More on the move, getting Adam set up and stocked up, and whether Californians between Norcal and San Diego were taking COVID seriously. Check out yesterday’s video.

YouTube: Social Media Creation and Scheduling Hell
I think I was at my emotional wits end on Thursday or Friday when I recorded the video for Saturday and decided to share all of my social media habits, practices, and channels. Spoiler: it’s a lot. I do get asked about this from time to time so if you are curious and want to know what tools I use, what channels I use for what, and why I am doing any of it, check out Saturday’s video.

If you aren’t following me on Instagram, would you mind doing so? Piloting Your Life and Terri Hanson Mead Thank you kindly.

What’s my challenge for you today? Put yourself first. Make time for self-care.

With much love and gratitude,


P.S. Take the controls and be the pilot in your own life. It’s a beautiful day to fly, and you are cleared for takeoff.

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