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Piloting Your Life: In-Flight Entertainment (Genetic Testing) (Aug 14, 2018)

Welcome Back My Beta-Testing Passengers:

As a digital health fan, I am fascinated by the various genetic and blood testing offerings. I did 23andMe about four years ago right after the FDA issued a cease and desist, and we were able to get our ancestry information but no medical information (actually, only I did because my husband sent in two samples and they couldn’t process it…last year they had no problem doing so). It’s been great to get notifications of new test results based on the saliva I provided four years ago. The most interesting result was that we are not in fact Cherokee Indian. This is really odd since we’ve been told for decades that we still have distant family on a reservation in Oklahoma.

This box is sitting on my desk for my saliva today

My cousin Casey also did 23andMe and we both decided to do Ancestry. We want to be able to compare the results of 23andMe and Ancestry and see if there are any differences. I expect there to be some differences since they both used different data sets. I find this fascinating and have no problem sharing my genetic information since I want to use data and technology to flip healthcare on its head.

Last year I did the Color Genomics test to see if I was genetically predisposed to breast, colorectal, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, stomach, or uterine cancers. The good news is that no ‘pathogenic or likely pathogenic genetic variants associated with an increased risk’ of these cancers was detected. I would love to have my identical sister do this test and see if her results are the same.

I met the CEO/Co-Founder of TruMe Labs at an event back in May and ordered her saliva base test to find out my cellular/biological age.

I’ll be advising her through Tech Futures Group so I thought not only should I experience her test firsthand but since I am beta testing another startup’s health supplement product (Baze), I can see what my cellular/biological age is in six months after I have been on my diet and the supplements and see what the results are.

Last year I was patient 12 in Verily’s (Google) 10,000 patient, 4 year longitudinal study (Project Baseline). I spent two days at Stanford last August doing various tests and I will be going back for a half day in early September for the follow up appointment. I’ve been wearing the Study watch for the last year (kind of, since I was annoyed that I had to wear a useless-to-me device on one wrist and my Apple watch on the other wrist). My Apple watch broke while I was in Europe so I have been wearing the Study watch since then. I think my bed sensor isn’t working since there are orange lights on the device. I really wonder why no one has reached out to me from Verily to see if everything is ok. I do not have high hopes for Verily when it comes to digital health.

And there’s the Core Wellness device that I’ve been beta testing since last fall. This is the second device that I have had access to. It is designed to help people get into meditation and it provides data after each meditation session such as heart variability rate, resting heart rate, and the amount of time you are calm. I like having the data and look forward to having more content to work with as they continue to expand the offering. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to give feedback on the device and application.

We have so many options to get access to our data to improve our wellness and I love being an early adopter of the various technologies out there. I advise a few startups that have some good stuff coming up and look forward to being an early adopter of those as well.

In-Flight Entertainment

This week we are on break as we record new episodes to be released starting September 4th. Enjoy the free time or listen to a past episode or two.




I want to live in a world where everyone has the opportunity to live freely, equally and have an extraordinary life. #PilotingYourLife #Angel Investing #Digital Health #Sol2Proj #Womanism #Tipsy

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