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Piloting Your Life: In-Flight Entertainment (Being Actively Inclusive) (Nov 27, 2018)

Welcome Back My Inclusive Passengers:

As the news tends to make the world look more divided, we as women have the perfect opportunity to come together and work for the advancement of all women. It’s time for us to be actively inclusive and, as Jada Pinkett Smith commented in one of her , we need to go out of our way to include other women. Her mom, Adrienne, said during the same conversation that we need to stop creating additional challenges for other women. I agree with this and also believe that we must not buy into the false narrative about a zero sum game. We need to redefine the game in such a way that it better serves women, and not just white women. I highly recommend taking the 25 minutes to watch the episode.

I’ve been feeling frustration, fatigue and anger around what we women encounter on a daily basis in the form of resistance from both men and women. I actively support and advocate for other women and have been feeling like I haven’t been making a difference. I’ve discussed this with a few of my very supportive friends and colleagues and have appreciated their repeated reminders that the work that I have been doing has been making a difference. They reminded me that it may not be visible to me but it still matters. And to some, it matters a lot. I know I am not alone in feeling like we are still fighting an uphill battle but don’t give up hope or stop the good work. There is progress!

I’ve taken a brief break from investing and advising until after the new year to rejuvenate and reposition for 2019. Jacqueline commented on my reduced amount of patience lately, not with her, but with various people who are just not getting it and she hit the nail on the head! I lack patience with men (or anyone for that matter) who dismiss a woman’s experience. I lack patience with investors who don’t understand unconscious bias. I lack patience with people who don’t recognize that sexism, racism, and ageism exist. I am done trying to educate people who continue to ignore and refuse to listen and learn. We all have access to the information and need to actively educate ourselves on these issues and stop pretending that either they are someone else’s problem or that they don’t exist. They do. It’s real.

I am trying to channel this lack of patience into something positively and actively fiery as I am not done fighting for women, fighting for equality, and fighting for equity. We women deserve it…and I mean ALL women. As humans, these are basic rights that rightfully belong to us women. We shouldn’t have to fight for this but since we do, will you stand and fight with me?

In-Flight Entertainment ()
I can think of no better person to showcase this week on the podcast than . Tawana doesn’t wait for others to take action when she sees something that needs changing. She recently became an angel investor and jumped right into investing in an impressive manner. Through her experience with Pipeline Angels, she has chosen to invest in women of color and is working on getting more women of color to invest as well. Tawana is based in New Jersey but is occasionally in the Bay Area for her work at Facebook (when she’s not traveling globally) and we were fortunate to be able to sit down for dinner and an in-person conversation. I am blessed to have met her at the airport in Frankfurt nearly two years ago and even more so to be able to call her a friend and ally in our pursuit of equality for ALL women.



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IT consultant, expert witness, YouTuber, helicopter pilot. Making the world a better place, especially for women. Award winning author of Piloting Your Life.