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Piloting Your Life: In-Flight Entertainment (How Unique Are You?) (Sept 30, 2020)

Welcome Back My Unique Passengers:

Guess who is who!

As an identical twin, I had a built-in ‘friend’ growing up. I say ‘friend’ but we were highly competitive with each other and fought constantly.

I remember my mom being so fed up with the arguing that she put us in the same room for a week before she decided that was worse. I think we were freshmen in high school at the time and my parents couldn’t imagine us arguing more but we showed them!

As quickly as we moved my bed into Sherry’s room, we quickly moved it out.

Could this be any more of a 70s picture?

Wtih names that rhymed (Terri Lynn and Sherry Lynn) and looking a lot a like, we were seen as a unit, and not as individuals.The twins.The girls.The Hansons. Terri and Sherry the hairy blueberries (courtesy of Billy McNeil in 4th grade). We fought each other for a unique place in the world and subconsciously divided it.

Sherry played violin. I played cello. Neither of us were any good by the way.

I dated a lot in high school. Sherry had three boyfriends all four years.

She likes chocolate. I like vanilla.

I played tennis. Sherry ran track.

Sherry studied science (and should have been an engineer). I studied business.

The list goes on and on.

When you are a twin and your parents don’t have much money, the clothing is always the same. Often different colors. I am in pink.

I am a twin ‘embracer’ and think being an identical twin is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Sherry is twin ‘repeller’ and would rather I didn’t exist on the planet.Since she stopped talking to me a few years ago, she’s made it her reality and I’ve been forced to accept it as mine.

While this has been painful to accept, this opened up an opportunity to build deep and meaningful relationships with other people, especially women. Yes, I tend to ‘silver-lining’ just about everything and this situation is no different. In this case, my life is richer because of it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship since reading this month’s PYL Bookclub book, Big Friendship. I am heading out of town next week for some time with a few of my friends (COVID be damned!) and we will be discussing the book over some cocktails by the pool. Or inside with air-conditioning since it’s supposed to be 100 degrees in Palm Springs. I cannot tell you the last time I went on a girls’ trip. In years past, I wouldn’t have set aside the time or the money for a trip like this.

What do your friends mean to you? Have your friendships changed over the years? How do you invest in your friendships? Do you? I would love to hear some of your thoughts on friendship especially if you read Big Friendship. Join me on Discord for the conversation.

YouTube: Terri Mead

YouTube: Shine On My Friends
Since I finally finished Big Friendship, and it’s the end of September, I decided to talk about the book inyesterday’s YouTube video.It was an easy read and definitely made me stop and think about my friendships.

I shared some of what I pondered in the video. Join the conversation on Discord and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a cute French press pin from Handheld Handmade.

YouTube: Where Did This Week Go? (Grab bag)
I was a bit all over the place last week and Saturday’s episode reflects it. It’s a grab bag of a conversation but not too long. Enjoy!

What’s my challenge for you today? Read Big Friendship and then gather your friends to discuss. Use my handy-dandy discussion guide to inspire your conversation.

With much love and gratitude,


P.S. Take the controls and be the pilot in your own life. It’s a beautiful day to fly, and you are cleared for takeoff.

Song: Wind Beneath My Wings — Bette Midler

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Terri Mead

Terri Mead

IT consultant, expert witness, YouTuber, helicopter pilot. Making the world a better place, especially for women. Award winning author of Piloting Your Life.

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