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Piloting Your Life: In-Flight Entertainment (It’s Getting Hot Out There) (July 14, 2020)

Welcome Back My Hot Hot Hot Passengers:

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (and on LinkedIn), you will notice that I have turned up the heat and pressure on those who are not playing nice in the world. Apparently I am taking seriously the notion of not giving any fucks when it comes challenging irrational and narrowminded posts / thoughts around COVID, sheltering in place, education, myopic cis-het-white men, and general privilege.

Is it because it’s summer? Because we’ve hit SIP day 12X? Because I am watching Americans act like idiots which means we have no end in site to SIP? Because leadership at the national level (and at the state level of some states) is so piss poor? Or all of this? My vote is for all of this. I am running out of patience, tolerance, empathy, compassion, and I feel like we as a country are running out of time to save our country and our democracy.

Last month I highlighted Black women owned businesses hoping that my social media followers would begin to change and diversify their buying patterns and use the #powerofthepurse to #shifteconomicpower. It seemed to fall flat despite offering what I thought were really easy things to buy and try.

I talked to a few Black women about this and shared my frustration on how poorly received the campaign was. They said that maybe folks weren’t ready. If you aren’t diversifying your spending, why aren’t you? Help me understand. #moneyispower and we better start wielding our power.

I created a Pinterest board with the companies I shared and I will continue to add to them over time. Follow the board and look at it whenever you need to go shopping. If you have some favorites, please send me the links.

I am continuing the theme of supporting Black women and will be highlighting the Black women in my life once or twice a week. I started with Kristina Jones of Guardian Lane and yesterday I highlighted Monique Woodard of Cake Ventures. You can follow the Power Women Pinterest board for new additions if you aren’t following me on social media.

Piloting Your Life (the book)
Last week, Brad Feld, a Boulder, CO VC and co-author of the book Venture Deals (a must read/must have for all investors and founders), responded positively to me pushing back on his sometimes less-than-diverse perspective and read my book, Piloting Your Life. I sent the book to him to give to his wife last fall and he read it last week.

Despite not being part of my target audience, he thought it was “dynamite” and shared his thoughts in his daily blog. I really respect Brad and his willingness to listen and expand his perspective. We need more cis-het-white-men willing to do this and to be accomplices as we level the playing field.

YouTube: Terri Mead

YouTube: Tuesday Grab Bag (Time for Some Whimsy)
It felt like a grab bag sort of day which turned into a grab bag sort of conversation. Rei chimed in about some books they are reading while I explored expanding perspectives, #BadassBlackWomen, intentional spending, #votingwithyourpocketbook, #shifteconomic power, France, tennis, and why I am prepping for a soccer tournament in five years. Enjoy today’s video!

YouTube: Thank you. Now Leave. (College in the Age of COVID)
My son Adam joined me for a really frustrating conversation about college in the age of COVID. I had my head in my hands twice during the conversation. Ugh. The bar is so low right now…I just want him to graduate in one piece (mind and body and especially with all of his teeth) in four years. Enjoy Saturday’s video. If you don’t have kids, you are welcome to watch and laugh!

What’s my challenge for you today? Continue to expand who you follow, who you read, what you watch, who you listen to, and expand your perspective. Empathy and compassion are made possible when we can see through the lens of others who are not like us.

With much love and gratitude,


P.S. Take the controls and be the pilot in your own life. It’s a beautiful day to fly, and you are cleared for takeoff.

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Terri Mead

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