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Piloting Your Life: In-Flight Entertainment (Money) (Oct 22, 2019)

Welcome Back My Fiscally Savvy Passengers:

How are we almost to the end of October and nearing the end of 2019? I am already starting to tell people that we need to plan things for after the first of the year. Crazy!

2019 has been quite the never-ending roller coaster for me with lots of ups and downs and twists and turns. I am looking forward to a gentler trajectory in 2020 but who knows? I might be gearing up for a rocket ship of a year which I could totally get behind as well. The last four years have been all about planting seeds, laying groundwork, learning and growing so I am pretty much ready for anything.

How about you? How are you feeling as we approach the end of the year (and decade)? Feeling like you are on the right track? Flailing about? Mired in muck and minutiae? All of the above?

Last month the suggested Crew Chat topic was around friendship. Over the weekend I caught up on some blog posts and have some suggestions for you.

Get your #FlightCrew together and get caught up on the #CrewChat topics. Here’s the link to the September Crew Chat on Friendship and the October Crew Chat topic on Money…ties right in with the podcast episode this week.

Wondering what a Crew Chat is, well I wrote about that here too. When you get your Crew together, take a pic and post it on Instagram. Tag @pilotingyourlife and use hashtags #FlightCrew and #CrewChats and I’ll share it out in an Insta story.

It’s party time! Saturday was the first house party featuring (the book). We celebrated with Freeland Spirits (women owned, operated, and invested) cocktails, good conversations, and yummy food.

Special thanks to Amy Henley and Jessica Reid for hosting and allowing me to sell quite a few books to the ladies who attended. This Friday, I will be at the home of Vanessa Fiske who is having her friends over to break the taboos and normalize conversations around midlife. If you are interested in hosting a house party, drop me a line. There are fun hostess goodies that go along with it!

Piloting Your Life (the podcast)

After listening to this week’s guest, Stephanie Sammons, CFP, on her own podcast, formerly called the Midlife Money Gal (now called LGBTQ Midlife Money), I totally stalked her online to get her on the show. She is based in Dallas, Texas and has such great words of wisdom for those of us in midlife.

She shares the four steps she recommends that we all take to get better control of our financial health. I’ve already created a #FlightPlan to get myself on track. If you create a Flight Plan, share it out on Instagram and tag @pilotingyourlife with hashtag #FligthPlan. Enjoy!

Monthly Challenge: 31 Days of #LiftNotDrag

We are in the home stretch for this month’s challenge to uplift women. What have you done to support other women and gift them a little extra lift? Send me a note a let me know. I’d love to hear your ideas and if someone has lifted you up.

I am posting daily ideas on Twitter (@terrihansonmead), Instagram (@terrihansonmead), LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Have an abundant and profitable week.


Piloting Your Life (the podcast): Stephanie Sammons, CFP on money in midlife.

Song: Money (Pink Floyd)



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