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PYL Book Club (April 2022): Guncle by Steven Rowley

Guncle by Steven Rowley

I really liked Guncle and found it to be a quick and satisfying read. There were even some happy tears at one point and my heart may have expanded just a little as I got close to the end of the book.

I especially liked that the main character, Patrick, is a gay man. Yes, just like Bewilderment by Richard Powers, I enjoyed reading about a man, this time a gay uncle (guncle AKA GUP), struggling and growing emotionally as a result of his relationship with his niece (Maisie) and nephew (Grant).

These kinds of books give me hope for our world.

The theme is a familiar one: adult rescues the kids; the kids rescue the adult. As with Disney movies, the mom dies at the beginning (actually, she was already dead so I’m not giving anything away).

The story is set in Palm Springs, CA (one of my happy places) so it was quite fun to be able to picture some of the locations referred to in the book as I’d been to nearly all of them. But the story could have been set anywhere where a newly-reclusive, deeply depressed, actor can run and hide from the world.

Patrick reluctantly agrees to his brother’s request to take care of Maisie and Grant for the summer in Palm Springs(yes, the desert heat plays a part in the story), having no previous experience with children except the occasional visit.

What could be disastrous turns into a quirky and endearing adventure for all of them.

The author lovingly takes on some serious subjects including grief, family dynamics, and addiction leaving this reader with the warm fuzzies.

It was just what I needed, especially with so much negative stuff going on in the world.

Let me know what you think of Guncle. Drop me a line at pilotingyourlife@gmail.com or by adding a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

What else should I be reading?

Remember to buy local and support women owned bookstores.

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