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PYL Book Club (Mar 2022): Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

My 17-year-old found this book for me to read and write about as part of an experiment.

They suggested that I read the popular books, write about them, and share on social media and see what happens.

Unfortunately, some of the books made popular by the likes of Oprah and Reese Witherspoon’s book clubs aren’t my cup of tea including this one.

Back in the 90s I read books like The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver with women protagonists who were victims in their lives. I was so over it after that wave of books, and am not interested in revisiting the same trope.

The main character, Helen, is not someone I could relate to, nor could I muster up much sympathy for as she let her life happen to her and let others around her walk all over her. She’s gullible, entitled and she complains a lot, too.

She never seemed to have a life of her own.

There wasn’t much for me to learn from her, either.

This book was supposed to be ‘more interesting’ because of some unexpected twists and turns but I was not engaged by the characters or the story and I couldn’t muster up any interest to care.

I won’t offer up any spoilers just in case you decide to read it. Maybe it is the type of book you like to read. if it is, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book. Drop me a line at pilotingyourlife@gmail.com or add a comment to this post.

Remember to buy local and support women owned bookstores.

Piloting Your Life author Terri Hanson Mead started the PYL book club in September 2020 to provide a place to learn and talk about new books. Read more about the book club here.

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Terri is exploring more about her midlife (and being a tiara wearing, champagne drinking troublemaker) on her YouTube channel.

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